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coat a metal with an oxide coat


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Colour Consistency: Whilst anodising an aluminium surface offers a 'natural' colour and appearance which changes with the direction of light and the type of processed aluminium used, it may present colour consistency issues--particularly between extrusions and sheets.
A representative of Badger Anodising explains that the company has decided on a new website for two main reasons.
The acquired assets include a continuous anodising line for aluminium flat-rolled coil products, an automated batch anodising line for sheet aluminium anodising, and a cut-to-length line, Coil said.
The company had announced earlier it is installing at its Dammam plant a new anodising line, a new casting house and a new press of 112,000 tonnes per year as well as two new thermal break production lines.
Highly ordered of porous aluminium oxide film structured can be obtained by controlling the parameters of anodising process.
The company is opening a 65,000 square-foot anodising production facility, with an investment of USD8.
The Swedish aluminium profiles, components and systems developer and supplier Sapa AB said on Thursday (27 November) that its subsidiary Sapa Profiler AB had decided to invest SEK195m in a new vertical anodising plant at its facility in Vetlanda, Sweden.
PART 2 SURFACE ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIES FOR LIGHT ALLOYS Anodising of light alloys Plasma electrolytic oxidation treatment of aluminium and titanium alloys Plasma electrolytic oxidation treatments of magnesium alloys Thermal spraying of light alloys Cold spraying of light alloys Physical vapour deposition of magnesium alloys Plasma assisted surface treatment of aluminium alloys to combat wear Plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII) of light alloys Laser surface modification of titanium alloys Laser surface modification of aluminium and magnesium alloys Ceramic conversion treatment of Ti-based materials Duplex surface treatments of light alloys
Anodising is carried out in a Galvatek automated finishing line supplied by Turbex, which was deemed to be the best all-round package of three alternatives considered.
Badger Anodising saw its humble beginning as a metal plating company in the jewelry quarter in Hockley.
The company is currently implementing projects to increase anodising and powder coating lines and will later add an extrusion line to boost the current production of 24,000 tonnes of profiles.
Metal finishing specialist, TECAN has developed an environmentally friendly process for the anodising of titanium parts.
Two members of QUALICOAT UK & Ireland have already invested heavily in the installation of anodising plants to take advantage of this method of pretreatment.
The company has five extrusions presses, two anodising plants, vertical and horizontal paint lines, a miniature extrusion facility, in addition to its five fabrication and assembly plants.
3 for the chromate-free treatment of Aluminium and anodising.