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coat a metal with an oxide coat


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Owing to its anodised nature, Dufour added that Aleris aluminium was well suited to developers and building owners looking to give their projects distinctive aesthetic designs.
The average pore diameter anodised in 5[degrees]C was 70 nm and 69 nm when anodise in 10[degrees]C.
With a new matt bodywork finish, blue anodised engine casings and forks, polished wheels, and chrome treatment too, it's certainly one of the most unique GSX-Rs ever produced.
The anodising capacity is getting upgraded from 11,000 amps to 60,000 amps which will help Balexco deliver anodised profiles in the shortest possible lead time," said Seyadi.
In addition to the alloy wheels, the Dune is distinguished from other Polos by its raised suspension height, which is up by 20mm, darkened rear lenses, anodised chrome-finish door mirror housings and roof rails, and specially shaped bumpers.
Due to GA's press-forming method the material is durable and damage resistant, and is available in matt anodised and powder coated finishes.
SimplAir, suppliers of anodised aluminium compressed air pipework, have launched the new SpeedLine range of bendable aluminium tubing, which offers a solution for increasing compressed air flows in smaller installations.
Part three covers applications for surface engineered light alloys including sports equipment, biomedical devices and plasma electrolytic oxidation and anodised aluminium alloys for spacecraft applications.
Automatic dosing stations are provided for metered dosing of chemicals into several of the tanks, the quantity being worked out automatically according to the amount of surface area to be anodised on each flight bar.
Tenders are invited for Anodised Plate For Distributor Valve Consisting Of 02 Items, 1 Item Ia Anodised Plate For Keo Type Dv- 07 Nos/Set 2 Item Ib Anodised Plate For C3w Type Dv- 03 Nos/Set To Drg.
A compressed, cigar-like volume clad in sleek, anodised aluminium panels is crowned at one end by a sharply truncated cylinder.
The selective plating process can be extended to anodising and an excellent quality anodised layer can be realised for both CAA, SAA and PAA (chromic, sulphuric and phosphoric acid anodising).
What hard anodising does not give is a practically zero dimensional change to the part being anodised as up to 50% of the anodised finish is outward growth.