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a positively charged electrode by which electrons leave an electrical device

the negatively charged terminal of a voltaic cell or storage battery that supplies current

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Though the highest anodic current density of 400 A[m.sup.-2] was obtained in one of our previous studies by using layered corrugated carbon [12], the performance of these anodes was measured under relatively low-concentration substrate, for example, below 20 mM acetate.
The PCE of ITO-free reference OSCs fabricated on the Ag or Mo[O.sub.3]/Ag anodes is illustrated in Figures 2(a) and 2(b), respectively.
The company said it has identified key advantages of its technology in aluminium production as virtually eliminating CO2 emissions, which currently create 7-10 lb CO2 for every lb of aluminum produced, enabling 3x-5x higher production output per footprint and reducing the cost by halving the energy required and eliminating the need for consumable graphite anodes.
Built to ASME standards, it will house two copper anodes and one ferrous anode to protect the vessel's pipework which is made from cupro-nickel.
It was shown that lead anodes have good current efficiency in comparison to platinum electrodes.
Silicon anodes are one part of the multi-variable materials technologies pushing to improve LiB energy density, but the latest generation of high-energy anode and cathode systems rapidly degrade traditional LiB electrolytes.
They're already using up to 10 percent silicon in their anodes to tweak performance in their 100 kW battery pack, and partner Panasonic is offering increased silicon levels in other Li-ion products.
Fan et al., "N-doped carbon coated anatase Ti[O.sub.2] nanoparticles as superior Na-ion battery anodes," Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, vol.
In case of DC arc discharges, the well-known time-resolved pattern described in the literature is the so-called restrike mode of the anode attachment (also called arc root) movement in plasma torches [6, 7].
The sacrificial anodes, comprising a zinc core encased in a small, cementitious shell, are installed within repair sites to prevent incipient anodes developing, or outside repaired sites to protect the reinforcement in chloride-infused concrete.
Anomet Products (Shrewsbury, MA) recently released a line of platinum-clad mesh, wire, and rod anodes that are metallurgically bonded and more durable and longer lasting than mixedmetal oxide anodes.
Current commercial lithium ion batteries are manufactured based on the graphite anodes and lithium cobalt oxide cathodes [5].
The SPL-SandAnode is one of MATCOR's SPL[TM] Anode Series, a complete line of flexible impressed current linear anodes utilizing MMO anode technology to support a broad range of cathodic protection applications.
By coming up with a material that is several times thinner and lighter than traditional graphite, carbon or silicon anodes, the company managed to shrink the battery size by half, without sacrificing the power's longevity.