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Among the folivores, the families with the greatest number of morphospecies were Curculionidae (54) and Chrysomelidae (21); among the sap-sucking herbivores, families with the greatest number of morphospecies were Cicadellidae (56) and Psyllidae (47); among the xylophagous herbivores, the subfamilies and/or families with the greatest number of morphospecies were Scolytinae (80) and Anobiidae (24) (Table 2).
Especie de insecto Producto Localidad Coleoptera Anobiidae Lasioderma serricorne (Fabricius) chile Jonuta chile Teapa chile Tenosique pimienta H.
Two species in the beetle family Anobiidae are now pests throughout the world; both have been found in mummies in Egyptian tombs, confirming an Old World origin.
SCORPIONES Bothriuridae Bothriurus burmeisteri Kraepelin Brachistosternumpentheri (Mello-Leitao) Brachistosternum telteca Ojanguren Timogenes elegans (Mello-Leitao) HEXAPODA COLLEMBOLA Arthropleona Symphypleona COLEOPTERA Anobiidae Anobiidae sp.
We used multiple regression, as before, grouping beetle responses by a single factor, family, with 16 categories, one for each family: (1) Anobiidae, (2) Bostrichidne, (3) Carabidae, (4) Corylophidae, (5) Cryptophagidae, (6) Curculionidae, (7) Elateridne, (8) Lathridiidae, (9) Leiodidae, (10) Oedemeridae, (11) Pselaphidae, (12) Ptiliidae, (13) Scarabaeidae, (14) Scydmaenidae, (15) Staphylinidae, and (16) Tenebrionidae.
Powder-post Beetle--Any of the beetles of the families Ptinidae, Anobiidae, Bostrichidae, or Lyctidae, which breed in old, dry wood and reduce it to powder.
The powder post beetles include wood boring beetles of at least three families, the Lyctidae or true powder post beetles, the Anobiidae or Death-watch beetles and the Bostrichidae, the branch and twig borers (sometimes called false powder post beetles).