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Potter writes that the two most common and destructive families in Kentucky, for example, are the Lyctidae, which attacks only hardwoods, so infestations are most often found in wood paneling, molding, window and door frames, plywood, hardwood, and floors; and the Anobiid, which attacks hardwoods and softwoods usually found in such structural members as beams, sills, joists, studs, and subflooring.
Wood-boring beetles, notably anobiid powderpost beetles (Anobiidae), were especially prevalent in the coastal region.
Borates have been used commercially in wood preservation in Australasia for upwards of 50 years, for protecting wood products from Lytus beetles (Australia) and Anobiids (New Zealand).
However, there were significant differences among treatments when cerambycids (df = 6,63; F = 4.22; p > 0.001) and anobiids (df = 6,63; F = 2.75; P > 0.02) emerged from treated and untreated bolts.