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(Welsh mythology) the other world

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According to local handyman Dafydd (Maurice Roeves), a nearby clifftop was the site of a mass suicide when a cult leader persuaded his followers to jump on to the jagged rocks below in order to reach the ancient Welsh "heaven" of Annwyn. Has Sarah joined them in a watery grave?
An estranged couple mourning the loss of their daughter, Sarah are visited by a girl named Ebrill, who claims to have died more than 60 years ago and who bears a frightening resemblance to Sarah.' The mother becomes convinced Sarah has gone to Annwyn, the Welsh equivalent of the underworld.
Turns out there was a mass suicide off the same cliffs 50 years earlier, and when a mysterious young girl, Ebril (Abigail Stone), who supposedly died then, suddenly shows up, Adelle becomes convinced Sarah has gone to Annwyn, the Welsh equivalent of the underworld.
Loving wife of Eric, mother of Sheila and David, grandmother of Lauren, Michael and Annwyn. Widow of the late Arfon Williams, an officer in the North Wales Police Force.
best film The Dark (BBC1 Wales, Friday, 11.40pm)SET in Wales, but actually filmed on the Isle of Man, this creepily-effective horror tells of how the parents of a young girl feared drowned while on holiday begin to believe she's actually trapped in a shadowy parallel world called Annwyn.
Based on the novel Sheep by Simon Maginn, The Dark is, nevertheless, most undeniably set in Wales, with much of its eerie back-story focusing on the classic myth of Annwyn, named after the Celtic legend of 'a realm where all things are possible and not bound by the constraints of time or space'.