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(Welsh mythology) the other world

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Internationally renowned Welsh harpist Catrin Finch has been working solidly since the release of her Annwn album earlier this year, and this Thursday sees her take to the stage in Swansea.
The release in March of the Annwn album showcased Catrin's own electro-modern arrangements of traditional Welsh music, and a documentary special was broadcast a few weeks ago on S4C.
Now, as she prepares to take her latest project, Annwn, on the road, performing in five Welsh venues, the 31-year-old says family life has forced her to slow down and re-evaluate her goals.
ANNWN TOUR DATES Catrin's new project Annwn will tour Wales from next month.
This year's programme includes Alan Fisher, Sean Bonney, Kelvin Corcoran, Carol Watts, Tiffany Atkinson, Frances Presley, Gavin Selerie, Paul Green, John Freeman, Helen Lopez, Angela Gardner, Rhys Trimble, Glenn Storhaug, David Annwn, Robert Sheppard and Zoe Skoulding John Williams, Richard James and Richard Thomas' lit and music Laugharne Festival runs over the long weekend of April 15-17.
Finch can be heard singing on the track Beth yw'r haf i mi, which is taken from her album Annwn, which will be launched with a St David's Day concert ahead of the official release on March 14.
Annwn is a collection of traditional Welsh music, all newly-arranged by Finch in a contemporary, occasionally jazzy, style.
Designed as a showcase, the first artist featured will be Finch herself for the launch of her new record Annwn on St David's Day, followed by other Kissan artists.
Cwen Annwn The Hounds Of The Abyss are another foreshadowing of a terrible fate to come, who make themselves known by growling and howling at various distances from the listener and strangely enough the closer you are, the safer you are.
So Happy St David's Day; I raise a glass, not necessarily of water, to you all, and may the Hounds of Annwn rest at bay and together we will all walk riskily and briskly into the year ahead.
David Annwn looks at the voodoo influence of America's Maya Deren on the same poet.
Recent works by Robert Minhinnick, Robert Sheppard, David Annwn, Carol Rumens, Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch, Tony Conran, Moniza Alvi and the winners of last year's Eisteddfod all get coverage.