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(Latin) year

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The charming Neelum Muneer show stopped for Annus Abrar.
Annus Abrar's 'Qaus-o-Qazah' brought together stereotypical notions of tradition and fashion and created a colourful culture of refined and progressive design philosophy depicting the hues of royalty, confidence, beauty and feminism.
In the words of one of my more sympathetic correspondents, it has turned out to be an 'Annus Horribilis'.
Pollen was captured in 4type Tauber traps placed on the angles and one in the center of the Helianthus annus cultivation and accompanying weeds (Helianthus annus/weeds) plot of 20 x 20 at ground level.
Speaking of annus horribilis, will Prince Philip be there?
In terms of popular stars suddenly leaving this mortal vail of tears and laughter in shockingly large numbers, 2016's annus horribilis was particularly tragic for the world of entertainment, with iconic entertainers like Prince, David Bowie, Nancy Reagan, Muhammad Ali, George Michael, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Alan Thicke, John Glenn and Patty Duke making their grand exits.
As a result, we have had an annus horribilis marked by a "Nero effect." With the government's act of despair, we witnessed all the gains this society had demanded and deserved being demolished, all the steps forward -- triggered by the referendum in 2010 -- reversed.
annus leaves were collected from local environment of the Punjab University while O.
TIPPERARY: TIPPERARY: 6.00 Blackbriar, 6.30 Pirita, 7.00 Pixie Spirit, 7.30 Foot Soldier, 8.00 Annus Pixie Spirit, 7.30 Foot Soldier, 8.00 Annus Mirabilis, 8.30 Teochrios, 9.00 Princess Tamay.
The family is where someone receives his "first formative ideas about truth and goodness" and learns what it actually means to be a person (Centesimus Annus).
IF 1992 was an 'annus horriblis'' for Queen Elizabeth II, then 2012 must have been the polar opposite: a year of wonders (or annus mirabilis in Royal parlance).
Queen Elizabeth II described one year as being 'Annus Horribilis'.
TVChoice The Diamond Queen (BBC One, 9pm) THE year of her golden jubilee, 2002, looked set to be another annus horriblis for Queen Elizabeth II.
Whether or not this is factually true, 2011 was certainly the president's own annus horribilis.