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I think it was a, what did the Queen say, an annus horribilis, I think it was.
The annus horribilis has meant a country described as the "lonely man of Europe" is adrift and unpredictable, seemingly aimless.
You were looking at that one-liner on me in 2003, which was definitely the annus horribilis of my life.
In her now famous 1992 Christmas speech to the nation, Her Majesty described the year as an annus horriblis following various terrible events which affected her family - including the break-up of Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales' marriage, Princess Anne's divorce and the fire at Windsor Castle.
Reports claim that Vicky Posh has arrived to save the day, helping Tana get through her annus horribilis by advising her to .
In 2005, in celebration of the centennial anniversary of Albert Einstein's Annus Maribilis ("year of miracles"), the year he published five of his most important papers, the Nehru Center in Mumbai, India organized a series of lectures by Indian scientists on the works of Einstein and their impact on the fields of physics and astrophysics.
00pm The monarch faces increasing challenges during the annus horribilis 1992, including the devastating fire at Windsor Castle and a surge in tabloid criticism which signalled the end of the age of deference toward the House of Windsor.
The year 2009 was in many ways the annus horribulus of the Islamic finance industry in the Gulf.
In the 2004 Athens Games, Murofushi was awarded victory after Hungary's Adrian Annus was disqualified for doping offenses.
We are ending an Annus Horribilis that brings to a close the 10 challenging years of an aviation Decennis Horribilis.
To quote Queen Elizabeth, it was an annus horribilis -- a horrible year in which, at first, I didn't want to get out of bed in the morning," said Paul Purcell, the co-founder of brokerage Charles Rutenberg Realty in New York.
SALLY BALL is the author of Annus Mirabilis, which received the
Reading [qi-bi-i]s-su (sic, not -su) instead of [qa-b]a-su (Vogelzang 1988: 96; Annus 2001: 23) according to the photo.
John Paul II, in Centesimus Annus, reemphasizes the importance of respect for the principle of subsidiarity in any state intervention in the economy.
AFTER THE MARRIAGES OF three of her children crumbled in the tabloids and Windsor Castle caught fire, Queen Elizabeth II declared 1992 to be an annus horribilis--a horrible year.