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any of a group of powerful Babylonian earth spirits or genii


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The Annunaki would have been just as grateful using a dinosaur brilliant servant race through a humanoid servant race.
"The Annunaki Enigma: Creation" is the first entry into Symm Haws McCord's metaphysical apocalypse series, following aging Zach Donovan as he may have let the closely guarded secret he was meant to keep slip into the hands of a journalist.
The research, according to Tellinger, showed that the extra-terrestrial "Annunaki" came to Earth around 300,000 years ago to look for gold, and that they were also responsible for cloning their own genetic structures and creating mankind.
With a satisfactory labor force accounted for, then, Icke claims that the Annunaki still faced the problem of who would rule on Earth as overseers of their human slaves.