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Synonyms for annulment

Synonyms for annulment

Synonyms for annulment

the state of being cancelled or annulled


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(law) a formal termination (of a relationship or a judicial proceeding etc)

the act of abrogating

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There may be various ups and downs; doubts and fits of rage, sadness and loss, as well as joy, thanksgiving, and even a stronger relationship with self and God (see Table 1 for the role of the counselor during stages of the annullment process).
The Hindu Mahasabha, on the other hand, has sought only partial annullment of the majority verdict of the high court, which ruled for handing over one third of the disputed site to Muslims.
Intellectual property (Appeal - Community brand - Three-dimensional brand represented in the form of a LEGO block - Request of annullment of Mega Brands).
Majella later got an annullment before she and Daniel tied the knot in 2002 in Kincasslagh, Co Donegal.
"But this should be conditional, the council should not make a payment that will lead to annullment until Mr Ford has entered into a binding arrangement to repay pounds 1,105 of the costs it will now incur and to clear that debt as soon as practicable.
cooperate to cause its annullment (sic) and to prevent the