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Bothrops asper (8 live to INS), Enilius flavotorques (JDL 30311), Epicrates maurus (JDL 30280, 30325, 30341, 30369, RC 1388), Leptodeira annulata (JDL 30268, 30288, 30303-06, 30324, 30333, 30357, 30365-66, 30407-08, RC 1381), Liophis melanotus (JDL 30265-66, 30308-09, 30321-23, 30330-32, 30354-56, 30359-64, 30391-92, 30409-10, RC 1379-80), Mastigodryas pleei (JDL 30353), Micrurus dumerilii (two live to INS), Ninia atrata (JDL 30267, 30310, 30320, 30334, 30368, 30411-12), Oxyrhopus petolarius (JDL 30279, 30307, 30329, RC 1382-84), Pseudoboa neuwiedii (JDL 30326, RC 1387).
of Trichogrammatoidea annulata and 9 Trichogramma species (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) females from eggs parasitized after treatment with atrazine (Montes Claros, Minas Gerais State, Brazil).
On the rearing of Hyalomma anatolicum anatollicum Koch, 1844 and their infection with Theileria annulata (Dscunowsky and Luhs, 1904) in the laboratory.
Druce, 1904 102 Eurybia dardus annulata Stichel, 1910 103 Eurybia elvina Stichel, 1910 104 Eurybia halimede (Hubner, [1807]) 105 Eurybia molochina Stichel, 1910 hya-cinthinia 106 Eurybia sp.
annulata was made after preservation; perhaps Nierstrasz made color notes of the specimen when it was alive.
Annulata Polychaeta: Spetsbergiae, Groenlandiae, Islandiae et Scandinaviae.
Theileria annulata is one of the most famous species of theileria genus and is transmitted by Hyalomma spp.
131 ejemplares larvarios pertenecientes a las siguientes especies: Culex modestus Ficalbi, 1890, Culex pipiens Linnaeus, 1758, Culex theileri Theobald, 1903, Culiseta annulata (Schrank, 1776), Culiseta longiareolata (Macquart, 1838), Culiseta subochrea (Edwards, 1921), Ochlerotatus caspius (Palias, 1771) y Ochlerotatus detritus Haliday, 1833.
Snakes such as Tantilla melanocephala (Linnaeus, 1758), Ninia atrata (Hallowell, 1845), Leptodeira annulata (Linnaeus, 1758), Atractus torquatus (Dumeril, Bibron et Dumeril, 1854), and other unidentified colubrids, have been found in B.
Endosymbiosis in the lucinid clams Lucinoma aequizonata, Lucinoma annulata, and Lucina floridana: a reexamination of the functional morphology of the gills as bacteria-bearing organs.
I'm also experimenting with two other edible mushroom species to speed decomposition of wood debris in the edges of our woods: blewitts (Lepistanuda) and king stropharia (Stropharia rugoso annulata, also known as wine cap stropharia).
Trithemis annulata Violet Dropwing (Beauvais, 1807) [Purple-Blushed Darter] 24.
elegans Haswell, 1883 3 Vermiliopsis annulata Schmarda, 1861 5 Pseudovermilia occidentalis McIntosh, 1885 52 Salmacina sp.
Vargas & Bolanos (1999a) encontraron 9 de 10 individuos de Leptodeira annulata (Familia Colubridae) alrededor de este cuerpo de agua, lo que atribuyeron a la busqueda de nidadas de Agalychnis spurrelli como un alimento apetecido por esta serpiente.