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the moon interrupts light from the sun

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Canberra: Sky-gazers were treated to an annular solar eclipse in remote areas of Australia on Friday, with the Moon crossing in front of the Sun to leave a "ring of fire" around its silhouette.
The annular solar eclipse, often called ''a ring of fire'' eclipse, visible on the Pacific coast side of in southwestern to northeastern Japan, continued for around four to five minutes.
The longest annular solar eclipse of the millennium began on Friday and travelled across several African countries before heading towards the Indian Ocean and eastern Asia.
The last full annular solar eclipse seen in the Arabian Peninsula was in 1763.
The inset shows very recent data [19] on the decay of Cs-137 during the annular solar eclipse of 26 January 2009, also in southeast Kansas, at the time when the eclipse was at peak darkness in Australia, also showing a dip in decay rate when the umbra passed closest to the source isotope (time = 4.
JAKARTA - An annular solar eclipse will say Happy Lunar New Year to a few lucky Indonesians on Monday afternoon when the Sun will be ''transformed'' into a ring of fire, a rare natural phenomenon that happens only once every 18 years at a given location.
That's the day of an annular solar eclipse ( when the moon appears too small to completely cover the sun and there's a bright ring visible around the blacked-out centre.
An annular solar eclipse, in which a thin outer ring of the sun's disk is not covered by the smaller dark disk of the moon, occurred Tuesday morning in the region spanning Indonesia to Latin America.
In preparation for the annular solar eclipse of May 10, 1994, the path of which passed directly over the Institute and the surrounding geographical area, a series of teacher training workshops was conducted at several schools in the vicinity.
16 Kyodo Professional and amateur astronomers gathered in Australia on Tuesday to observe the millennium's last annular solar eclipse, which was visible in the afternoon over a wide area stretching from the southern Indian Ocean to Australia.
OSAKA, Japan -- Panasonic Corporation has launched "ECLIPSE LIVE FROM FUJIYAMA by SOLAR POWER" and will broadcast the annular solar eclipse on May 20, 2012 (Pacific Standard Time/PST) live to the world from the summit of Mt.
An annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon is farthest away from the Earth, (http://www.
The 'Best Overall Individual Costume' award and a $750 Zazzle shopping spree went to Brian Keilig for his annular solar eclipse outfit.
In 2005 at the age of 7, I flew with my family to Valencia to see the Annular Solar Eclipse of the Sun.
An annular solar eclipse occurs when the sun and the moon are exactly in line, but the apparent size of the moon's shadow is smaller than that of the visible disc of the sun.