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Other causes of pancreatitis include annular pancreas, duodenal ulcer, tumour of the papilla, duodenal Crohn disease, tumour, or mass.
Therefore, we wished to present a patient who had had vomiting after meals for seven years and was diagnosed as having annular pancreas.
Annular pancreas and agenesis of the dorsal pancreas in a patient with polysplenia syndrome.
The extrinsic forms are prevalently represented by annular pancreas and Ladd's bands.
There are three types of pancreatic fusion anomalies, pancreas divisum, annular pancreas and portal annular pancreas with the first being commonest and latter being the rarest of all of them.
Characteristic Median IQR Range Age at surgery, d 5 2-12 0-730 Gestational age, weeks 37 35-39 25-42 Birth weight, grams 2680 2145-3200 737-7000 Apgar score 1-minute 8 7-8 0-9 Apgar score 5-minutes 8 8-9 5-10 Number Percentage Gender Female 45 52% Duodenal anatomy Web 21 24% Stenosis 11 13% Atresia 55 63% Proximal bowel dilation 16 19% Technique of primary surgical Repair Duodenoduodenostomies 58 68% Duodenojejunostomies 6 7% Gastroduodenostomy 1 1% Duodenoplasty 15 17% Web excision 6 7% Feeding tube 13 15% Intestinal malrotation 27 31% Annular pancreas 17 20% Congenital heart 48 55% disease Down's syndrome 33 38% Imperforate anus 3 3% Hirschsprung's disease 1 1% EA/TEF 5 6% EA/TEF = esophageal atresia/tracheoesophageal fistula.
Dr Anup Panigrahi, Laparoscopic surgeon and the head of Minimal Access Surgery at RAK Hospital, who performed the surgery said, "Annular pancreas accounts for one per cent of all intestinal obstructions in the pediatric population.
Dr Anup Panigrahi, Laparoscopic Surgeon and Head of Minimal Access Surgery at RAK Hospital, who performed the surgery on the newborn said: "Annular pancreas accounts for 1 per cent of all intestinal obstructions in the pediatric population."
Gastrointestinal system anomalies were grouped as EA/TEF, ARM, atresias involving stomach, ileum or colon, diaphragmatic hernia, abdominal wall defects, rotation defects, and annular pancreas. Physical examination of all patients was obtained.
Combination of annular pancreas and partial situs inversus: a multiple organ malrotation syndrome associated with duodenal obstruction.
These rare lesions may coexist with other anatomic abnormalities such as choledochocele, annular pancreas, or polysplenia syndrome.
The presence of duodenal obstruction due to annular pancreas and preduodenal vein in situs inversus is an extremely rare association.
Some of these entities, including Meckel's diverticulum, malrotation, and annular pancreas, are detailed below, along with their complications and associated MDCT findings.
There is a 40% incidence of coexistant anatomical abnormalities: choledochocele, annular pancreas, double diverticula, intestinal malrotation, imperforate anus, Hirschsprung's disease, congenital heart diseases, omphalocele, hypoplastic kidneys, bladder exstrophy, situs inversus, Ladd's bands, portal vein anomalies, polysplenia and Down syndrome (6,7).