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income from capital investment paid in a series of regular payments

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The beneficiary may elect to annuitize the inherited contract selecting any available single-life payout option or a term-certain-only option that is shorter than life expectancy may be used.
Practical, simple and elegant is how I'd describe Otar's method for calculating how much of their wealth Gray Zoners should annuitize.
In contrast, if they annuitize all their wealth, they face a binding liquidity constraint on the age profile of their consumption.
But if individuals can fully annuitize their saving, they will not leave any unintentional bequests.
And, all 401(k) plans offer a lump-sum distribution option, but only 14 percent offer the ability to annuitize assets.
In the United Kingdom, earlier retirement combined with improvements in longevity have made it less attractive to annuitize at the time of retirement and put capital at risk in exchange for a guaranteed income for life.
Also advantageous is that the decision to annuitize the deferred annuity can be adjusted (in this case to age 75).
10 /PRNewswire/ -- A looming problem facing over 70 million aging Baby Boomers -- how to manage their savings during retirement and not outlive their assets -- could be addressed by offering tax incentives to annuitize savings held in 401ks, IRAs and other sources of retirement income.
5) I found that a measure of annuity value, derived from a life-cycle model with mortality uncertainty, is significantly correlated with intentions to annuitize assets in defined contribution plans.
However, because high-income individuals have longer life expectancies, they will have a higher expected present value of annuity payments than will low-income individuals if everyone is required to annuitize at a uniform price, as in most public pension plans.
The Index uses the conservative assumptions that people work to age 65, receive income from reverse mortgages on their homes and annuitize all of their financial assets.
For individuals and families, Retire-Ready One offers a basic death benefit and the ability to annuitize the contract to provide a guaranteed stream of income.
We know from the annuity take up rates that very few workers actually annuitize their savings at the point of retirement," said Jody Strakosch, national director for MetLife's Retirement Products group.
Simply defined, annuitize means "to convert a stun of money into a series of payments.
TIAA-CREF supports the use of a fixed annuity because it allows individuals to take advantage of interest rates rising and falling across a number of economic cycles, which can provide a higher, more predictable income stream at retirement than if they were to transfer accumulations into a fixed annuity at retirement and annuitize during a low-interest rate environment.