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The beneficiary may elect to annuitize the inherited contract selecting any available single-life payout option or a term-certain-only option that is shorter than life expectancy may be used.
Furthermore, offering partial annuitization increases both the share of respondents who say they would annuitize and the average percentage of pension balances that is annuitized.
They'll have to work longer, become more frugal and annuitize most of their savings.
In the United Kingdom, earlier retirement combined with improvements in longevity have made it less attractive to annuitize at the time of retirement and put capital at risk in exchange for a guaranteed income for life.
She chose the third option, which was to annuitize the proceeds and receive the full guaranteed death benefit while spreading the taxable gain over many years, effectively paying the tax as installments are received and at potentially lower marginal income tax brackets.
Participants should not be required to annuitize their entire retirement accumulation, and should have access to partial annuitization options.
pensioners to annuitize DC balances, a development that's unlikely to occur in the United States.
First, the three considerations respondents report as being most important for their decision about whether or not to annuitize include: a desire to "make sure I have enough income later in life," a desire for "flexibility in the timing of my spending," and being "worried about [the] company not being able to pay me in the future.
The MasterDex has a structure that says if you want to take your money out and get full value you have to annuitize and "this requirement of annuitizing if you want to get full value differentiates it from other companies that don't have such a requirement so, the alternative is you can take something less if you want it in a lump sum.
Moslander considers education crucial to TIAA-CREF's results: Two-thirds of higher-education participants contribute to a guaranteed-income product to annuitize some portion of their balance at retirement.
A good rule of thumb is to annuitize at least enough savings, so that, combined with Social Security, a retiree will have an income stream to meet his or her basic expenses in retirement--housing, utilities, taxes, food, and health care to the extent those costs are knowable.
For individuals and families, Retire-Ready One offers a basic death benefit and the ability to annuitize the contract to provide a guaranteed stream of income.
Annuitize is a verb, meaning to exchange an investment for an income stream over a period of time, usually for life.
The first step is for the inheritor to annuitize the contract.
So if a retiree does not need or wish to annuitize immediately, he or she should still strive to maintain the valuable option to annuitize at some point in the future when it makes strategic sense.