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an annual formation of wood in plants as they grow


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The values of distances between annual rings on the muscle scar corresponded to the values of distances between shell parts with the thinnest shell increments.
They are oriented tangential to and follow the structure of the annual rings.
We measured annual ring widths, graphed radial growth patterns, and identified possible disturbance dates for each site when radial growth increased concurrently in least 2 trees per site within 5 years.
The last few cell rows of libriform wood fibres at the border of the annual rings are more strongly lignified than the weakly lignified libriform wood fibres of the early wood.
In his research, Muscheler worked to reconstruct previous changes in solar activity by studying how cosmogenic isotopes, for example of beryllium-10 and carbon-14, have been stored in both ice cores and annual rings in trees.
Similarly, levels of manganese (Mn) in Scots pine stem are high in old annual rings and decrease towards the bark (Butkus et al.
The annual rings of otoliths of younger age groups are better readable than in older fish (ages 7 years and more).
width, density) and chemical properties of these annual rings provides potential proxies for the environmental factors that influence tree growth.
As this seasonal pattern was the same for age classes 1 to 6, Davis and West (1992) pooled the data and used a graphical representation to show the time of formation of the annual rings.
Because the pattern of annual rings and the shape of the tree trunk provide unique information similar to fingerprints, the officer took a cutting from the end of each log for possible comparisons in any future thefts.
Previously, other researchers found fiber walls that looked like annual rings you see on trees trunks.
The tree could grow through the middle untouched, with enough room to put on more annual rings as the years pass.
By comparing the various rates of growth recorded in annual rings, researchers can construct a year-by-year timeline that reveals long-term trends in precipitation rates or temperatures.
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