analysis of variance

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a statistical method for making simultaneous comparisons between two or more means

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The Annova LNG project, estimated to cost more than $3 billion, is also in the midst of the FERC process, anticipating it will be finalized by the third quarter of 2019, allowing the company to make a final investment decision by the end of the year.
Comparing means of all above PFT parameters by patients who smoked, ex-smokers and never smoked by one-way ANNOVA significant statistical difference were found in FVC Pred and FEV1 Pred but not in FEV1/FVC.
Tukey-Kramer one way ANNOVA (Instat 3 software) was used to determine the significant differences between the mean values at the 5 % level of confidence
Polynomial ANNOVA was used for analysis of variance with keeping significancy level at 95%.
From the above results ANNOVA 30 solutions found and optimized desirability chart and standard error lies between 0.5 to 1.5 Maximum Prediction Variance (at a design point) = 0.930, Average Prediction Variance = 0.433 and Condition Number of Coefficient Matrix = 15.127.
These techniques may include Wavelet Packet Decomposition (WPD), Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Lyapunov Exponent, ANNOVA test, etc.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 5, 2017-Scisys Closes Acquisition of German Media Software Firm Annova Systems
Internal consistency of individual subscales was measured using Cronbach's alpha (with less than 0.7, removal should be considered [6, 7]), two-day test-retest reliability using ICC [6, 7], percentage of agreement as absolute and >1 point variation between 1st and 2nd time [8], and floor- [lowest 0%] ceiling [highest 100%] effect of individual subscales using percentage [8]; content validity was measured by comparing degree of disease severity assessed by X-ray using one-way ANNOVA [8]; and construct/criterion validity of pain subscale was compared with VAS using Spearman (rho) correlation [6, 9].
BMI, fat percentage, fat mass, lean mass, and FFMI were compared between CD and UC by Student's t-test, and comparison between various UC and CD subgroups according to disease extent, location, and behavior; clinical and endoscopic severity; and steroid requirement and disease duration was done by ANNOVA test.
Comparisons between mean values of control and treatment groups were analyzed using one-way ANNOVA with post hoc test of Tukey's Honest Significance Differences (Tukey's HSD).
type 1 diabetes mellitus with normal albumin excretion F: one-way ANNOVA test p-value <0.05 is significant Table 3.
ANNOVA multiple comparisons, as presented in Table 12, revealed that there is no statistically significant difference in the perception of organizational justice among the employees based on the financial performance of their organizations.