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Caxton-, Morphological Changes and Hypoglycemic Effects of Annona Muricata Linn.
Silva e Nepomuceno (2011) ao analisar o efeito anticarcinogenico da polpa de graviola para deteccao de clones de tumor (warts) em Drosophila melanogasters concluiram, que a annona muricata apresenta elavada citotoxidade devido a alta concentracao de acetogeninas, nao devendo ser utilizada na prevencao do cancer e sim no tratamento do cancer quando este ja foi estabelecido.
However, it has been determined that their greatest application is in the medical field, [7], [8], Malaria, gastrointestinal problems, liver diseases, heart and renal system and mainly the cancer, [9], [10], are some of the conditions treated in recent years with Annona Muricata.
reticulata hasta que se analicen mas evidencias que esclarezcan las afinidades de estas dos especies de Annona.
Control del barrenador de las semillas, Bephratelloides cubensis Ashmead (Hymenoptera: Eurytomidae) en guanabana, Annona muricata L.
Aamir et al (12) reported that methanol extract of date seed exhibited synergistic antimicrobial activity with methanol extract of seed of medicinal plant Annona Squamosa against different Gram positive and Gram negative bacterial species.
Mab annwyl y diweddar Ronald ac Awena, brawd hoffus Annona, Owen a Dylan.
Jacinto's researches, there are already promising findings from the plant Annona squamosa, commonly known as the atis.
Underutilized Annona Species from the Brazilian Cerrado and Amazon Rainforest: A Study on Fatty Acids Pro-file and Yield of Seed.
TRS Staffing Solutions Limited (TRS) has bought the executive head hunter and interim manager solutions firm, Annona Search.
The genus Annona (Annonaceae) consists of 250 species distributed across Brazil, and has a great variety of of fleshy, odorous and tathy fruits, known as "araticum" or "marolo", widely consumed "in natura" and used by the population to prepare juice, ice-cream or jelly (Silva and Tassara, 2001).
Chemical composition of the essential oil of fresh leaves of Annona muricata L.