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the anniversary of the day on which you were married (or the celebration of it)

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As for her anniversary gift, 'nag-nighties lang ako (I just wore a nightgown),' she joked, seriously adding that she gave him a simple gift.
We accept he did intend to carry out legitimate police work that day but did want to go to the retail park at some point to buy bedding for an anniversary gift," said the chairman.
Trevor and Glenys will also have the chance to taste more recent beers as the company plans to give them new bottles of Worthing-ton's as an anniversary gift.
The Inhabitants and The Seasons of The Year, in Yerevan became an anniversary gift.
I was bringing a 23rd wedding anniversary gift to my wife.
6 What is the traditional anniversary gift when you have been married 60 years?
Her boyfriend is thought to have bought Saturday's flight in Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada, as an anniversary gift.
The hotel general manager, Suzie Mills, said, 'Crystal is the traditional 15th anniversary gift, and we certainly have our share of it here at Trump International.
So, there's no better anniversary gift than a national title.
Dubai The perfect wedding anniversary gift was presented by MoneyGram International in association with Gulf News to Harpreet Kaur and her husband Daljeet Soora yesterday: a trip to watch the ICC Cricket World Cup final worth over Dh10,000.
In stark contrast to my regimented wedding organisation skills, I left the planning of Mr Corbett's anniversary gift to the very last minute.
This was the comedy highlight of last Christmas, a brilliant episode in which Jim and Barbara receive an anniversary gift of cash from their children (well, Antony).
This fifth anniversary gift can be used at any time over the next five days up until midnight on March 21.
in Beverly Hills has it in its window this week, in case you happen to be on Rodeo Drive looking for something that might work as a 10th anniversary gift for your wife or pet collar for your high-end poodle.
He regales the reader with tales from his personal life and career, describing travels in California, a trip to Florida in which he helped out an alligator wrestler, searching for an anniversary gift for his wife at the last minute, attempts to write a novel, holidays, and other daily events, as he looks for humor in every situation.