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the anniversary of the day on which you were married (or the celebration of it)

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'My anniversary gift. It's a seedless watermelon,' she explains to a disappointed Bolzico.
"We accept he did intend to carry out legitimate police work that day but did want to go to the retail park at some point to buy bedding for an anniversary gift," said the chairman.
Those who purchase at least 15 items will receive a bonus item as an anniversary gift, and everyone who visits will receive some sort of token of appreciation, Territo said.
And of course, Myms was quick to show off, once again, the luxurious anniversary gift her hubby had gotten her, which 39K of her followers liked .
Want to give a really special graduation or anniversary gift? Give me a call at the Chamber at 360-734-1330 or email me at chris @ or visit our website at chamber-travelers.
Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong is celebrating its 50th anniversary by offering promotions such as the Golden Celebration package, which offers a bottle of champagne on arrival, US $50 spa credit, a special 50th anniversary gift and daily breakfast.
Trevor and Glenys will also have the chance to taste more recent beers as the company plans to give them new bottles of Worthing-ton's as an anniversary gift.
The Inhabitants and The Seasons of The Year, in Yerevan became an anniversary gift.
I was bringing a 23rd wedding anniversary gift to my wife.
I created the booklet, complete with photos, as an anniversary gift for my husband--a gentle prod to push us out into the vivid, tumultuous food scene that is the West.
Her boyfriend is thought to have bought Saturday's flight in Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada, as an anniversary gift.
The hotel general manager, Suzie Mills, said, 'Crystal is the traditional 15th anniversary gift, and we certainly have our share of it here at Trump International.
"So, there's no better anniversary gift than a national title."
The automaker created a small video tribute showcasing the timeline of the popular SUV as an 'anniversary gift'.
This was the comedy highlight of last Christmas, a brilliant episode in which Jim and Barbara receive an anniversary gift of cash from their children (well, Antony).