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the anniversary of the day on which you were married (or the celebration of it)

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While life insurance may not be a romantic anniversary gift, our survey suggests that couples see it as an important gift," said Hohmann.
5000 Kahala $5,000; Four night minimum, Ocean Front Suite; single or double occupancy This luxury suite package includes The Kahala's signature suite amenity program, a special anniversary gift and a onetime resort credit of $50 every four nights.
PAMPER her with this commemorative 40th anniversary gift set from Dr Hauschka.
A diamond couple can read all about their wedding day, thanks to a 60th anniversary gift from their daughter.
FINDING the perfect Silver Wedding anniversary gift for your wife can be tricky.
And finally, there's Don Warrington, who seems smoother than slightly crumpled satin sheets and tonight comes up with a tantalising anniversary gift for Gary to give to his wife.
And, not ironically or undeservedly, the traditional 11-year anniversary gift is something steel, as in ``just stab me with a steel bayonet.
A guilty ex-husband splashed out on a luxury cruise as a 25th anniversary gift for his wife.
A husband, for example, can create a LifeGem from his children's locks of hair as a personalized anniversary gift.
Anniversary gift basket with commemorative champagne flutes, bottle of Signature Champagne, JICH logo'd 100% cotton Monarch bath robes and a special anniversary gift
Roddick, who opened the first Body Shop in Brighton in 1976, said: "This is without doubt the best 30th anniversary gift the Body Shop could have received.
Daughter Flo, who has written a poem for the couple as an anniversary gift, said: "It was love at first sight.
The heather was cultivated for the star and her film director husband as a second wedding anniversary gift.
Canny Victoria is still keeping her anniversary gift to him under wraps, but she let one secret slip the other day while out shopping.
They enjoy trips to Laughlin and are looking forward to an eight-day Mexican cruise that was an anniversary gift from their daughters and granddaughters.