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a former copper coin of Pakistan and India

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For the first time since they had met Annette found herself positively liking this blackguardly floor-smiter.
Annette belonged to that large section of the public which likes or dislikes a picture according to whether its subject happens to please or displease them.
'You would only knock on the floor,' objected Annette.
Within the space of an hour and a quarter Annette had learned that the young man's name was Alan Beverley
Though she invariably listened with a sweet patience which encouraged them to continue long after the point at which she had begun in spirit to throw things at them, Annette had no sympathy with men who whined.
'Knocking?' said Annette. 'I remember no knocking.'
There was about a teaspoonful of grey matter distributed among the entire squad, and the pupil Annette had been teaching that afternoon had come in at the tail-end of the division.
'I think it's a dear cat,' said Annette. She felt her temper, always quick, getting the better of her.
A cold glitter might have been observed in Annette's eyes.
'In the advertisement pages,' said Annette. 'Mr Sellers drew that picture of the Waukeesy Shoe and the Restawhile Settee and the tin of sardines in the Little Gem Sardine advertisement.
Annette turned and left the room, groping her way to the door as though her eyesight had become uncertain.
It has pleased me chiefly, as you know, for the sake of your wife, the good Annette, to be very merciful to you as regards the past.
Annette spoke of my life being in some way insured."
Only since we are here I propose that we test the cooking of the good Annette. We will lunch together."
The place is indeed better than it seems, and Annette's cookery may be all that the Prince claims.