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bring to a desired consistency, texture, or hardness by a process of gradually heating and cooling

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with inspiration from quantum behavior, the Digital Annealer features proprietary computing architecture that uses conventional semiconductor technology to flexibly solve combinatorial optimization problems, which are the specialty of annealing-type quantum computers now being commercialized.
D-Wave, on its part, says that it will stick with quantum annealers to make its quantum computers, and has argued that other methods are still theoretical.
For example, IBM states, "The consensus of the scientific community is that a quantum annealer has no known advantages over conventional computing.
Indeed, a rough internal time line for Google's project estimates that Martinis's group can make a quantum annealer with 100 qubits as soon as 2017.
Mini Lamp Annealer MILA 5000 series has contributed to the research of various materials and the developments of heat treatment technique etc in a wide range fields.
The 250-m3/hr European hydrogen plant was built to supply a Borcelik steel facility with hydrogen gas for annealer and coating line operations.
Utilising the remains of the old steelworks, Wales' national art gallery will be housed underground in the stack annealer basement - or one of the underground buildings which used to hold the heavy steel rolling machines - which boasts oodles of space for exhibiting art and additional space for larger pieces, if required.
For those handloaders who need to anneal a big bunch of cases, Ken Light Manufacturing offers the BC 1000 Automatic Case Annealer.
The good Dr Chinn is particularly skilled at evoking this world, plundering Victorian census returns to find a forgotten metal annealer in Deritend or an overlooked family in the Gun Quarter.
Though it's small, there's room for the tools of his trade: furnace, glory hole, annealer and his bench, where with the help of his wife, Maria, he heats, shapes and cools his glass sculptures with the split second timing of nearly 20 years of experience.
Additionally, the annealer, located 100 miles away, also handled parts for other companies--parts that often weren't as clean as some of Hudson's titanium medical parts.