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American colonist (born in England) who was banished from Boston for her religious views (1591-1643)


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Anne Bradstreet and Sor Juana, the first two figures studied, are poets; the second pair, Anne Hutchinson and Marie de l'Incarnation, are religious activists, a distinction Harvey argues is more useful than the contrast between Puritan goodwives and Catholic nuns.
All three men criticize the standards for recommending that students learn about Anne Hutchinson, a colonial-era religious liberty pioneer who challenged theocratic Puritan supremacy in Massachusetts.
Chapters on Anne Hutchinson and on the Mormons also clearly show change over time, although in less predictable ways, and thus will be great for classroom use.
After being banished from Boston, Anne Hutchinson moved to Vermont.
ANNE HUTCHINSON, daughter of Fred and Marjorie Hutchinson, of Bishop Middleham, County Durham, married Steven Frost, son of Ken and Barbara Frost, of Mount Nod, Coventry, at Whitby, North Yorkshire.
Agents of Wrath studies the relationship between religious and political authority and dissent in early Massachusetts through the ministers George Philips, Roger Williams, Henry Dunster, and John Cotton and his sometimes allies Henry Vane and Anne Hutchinson.
American Jezebel: The Uncommon Life of Anne Hutchinson, the Woman Who Defied the Puritans.
The mid-seventeenth-century emphasis on the Holy Spirit was also weighted with dangerous implication, with women such as Anne Hutchinson heeding its individualistic call, and therefore being divinely punished by giving birth to monsters.
Later, he would provide a haven for another great religious dissenter, Anne Hutchinson, after her banishment from Massachusetts, and secure a royal charter for what became Rhode Island--the first such English grant to articulate fully secular government.
It was another error - a giggling fit over a nude woman at the Fine Art School in Barnsley - that got him his first glimpse of his future wife Anne Hutchinson.
Anne Hutchinson, a reporter hired as eye-candy for WCCO Channel 4, the CBS affiliate in Minneapolis, appeared on camera proudly dumping a beer on Twins infielder Denny Hocking.
Anne Hutchinson said her son, the eldest of two, had a successful career in front of him.
In her 1637 ecclesiastical trial, for example, Anne Hutchinson is accused of Sadducism; Cotton Mather uses the term repeatedly in his treatment of witchcraft in the Magnalia Christi Americana.
3) These rivalries found their most famous expression in the Antinomian Crisis of 1636-1638, when John Winthrop and Thomas Dudley, who favored the preparationist doctrine of purifying the soul for Christ's entry, triumphed over the anti-preparationism of John Cotton and Anne Hutchinson.
Like many works today, this is a book full of thrice-told tales, moving from Roger Williams through Anne Hutchinson, Robert Keayne and Ann Hibbens to the familiar lineaments of Salem witchcraft.