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American colonist (born in England) who was banished from Boston for her religious views (1591-1643)


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Eve LaPlante offers a very detailed journey back to the 17th century and places the reader in the midst of the life experiences of Anne Hutchinson, John Cotton, who would become the grandfather of the infamous Puritan minister Cotton Mather, and John Winthrop, the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the United States.
High School Sports Wrap, hosted by 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS Sports Anchor, Anne Hutchinson, airs Friday nights at 11:05pm.
It was another error - a giggling fit over a nude woman at the Fine Art School in Barnsley - that got him his first glimpse of his future wife Anne Hutchinson.
Anne Hutchinson, a reporter hired as eye-candy for WCCO Channel 4, the CBS affiliate in Minneapolis, appeared on camera proudly dumping a beer on Twins infielder Denny Hocking.
Anne Hutchinson said her son, the older of two, had a successful career in front of him.
Behind Cotton's lengthy debate with Williams, and lurking in both The Bloudy Tenet Washed and The Way of Congregational Churches Cleared, is the legacy of the Antinomian Controversy and Cotton's infamous pupil Anne Hutchinson.
Like many works today, this is a book full of thrice-told tales, moving from Roger Williams through Anne Hutchinson, Robert Keayne and Ann Hibbens to the familiar lineaments of Salem witchcraft.
The first half of the book roughly follows the narrative track laid out by MacHaffie, although Lindley begins abruptly with a chapter on Anne Hutchinson, followed by chapters on "Quakers" and "Puritanism.
It begins with Anne Hutchinson (from whose trial the title comes), then continues on to women's participation in the evangelical awakenings of the 18th and 19th centuries, their engagement in 19th-century social reform efforts, the formulation of 20th-century feminist theologies, and women's increased involvement in faiths outside the Christian and Jewish communities.
Matthiessen and Noah Webster, Herman Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne, Anne Bradstreet and her sister Sarah Dudley Keayne, and most especially Anne Hutchinson.
David Laskin and Holly Hughes argue in The Reading Group Book (Plume, 1995) that the Puritan religious leader Anne Hutchinson may have started America's first literary discussion group while on board a ship bound for the Massachusetts Bay Colony back in 1634.
Other Wark villagers honoured by the scheme were Anne Hutchinson for her work on the parish council and projects such as the Stonehaugh Dark Sky shelter, and Judith Weir for service to the parish council, WI and British Legion.
He chooses to focus on 29 topics from colonial times to the end of the 19th century, examples of which include images of Native Americans, Anne Hutchinson, the Boston Massacre, women in the American Revolution, Shay's Rebellion, the Barbary pirates, the Monroe Doctrine, the Mexican-American War, Dred Scott, African Americans during Reconstruction, Andrew Carnegie and the Homestead strike, the McKinley assassination, and the Philippine-American War.
Acting council chairman, Anne Hutchinson, said: "As Joe was a Yorkshireman we thought it would be nice to honour that in some way so we've had the rose on the seat at Westacres painted white.