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the second wife of Henry VIII and mother of Elizabeth I


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Playing Anne Bullen will be a University of Oregon student, Ekongkar Khalsa.
January 27 - Cook denies allegations by sacked secretary Anne Bullen that she was given the boot to make way for Gaynor.
We had the row over whether his mistress, Gaynor Regan, should accompany him abroad at taxpayers' expense, the storm over his "sacked" diary secretary Anne Bullen, the so-called "lost weekend" when he was supposed to be with the Queen in India - and so it goes on.
It is BECAUSE Robin Cook is Foreign Secretary and BECAUSE he has lectured us about `ethical' policies, that his handling of his adulterous affair with Gaynor Regan and his sacking of Anne Bullen are of public interest.
Foreign Secretary Robin Cook was yesterday accused of a "scandalous abuse of ministerial power" over the dismissal of Anne Bullen as his diary secretary.
Mr Cook's political future is in the balance after revelations that he fired diary secretary Anne Bullen and considered replacing her with his mistress.
But in his absence, the Tories were turning their guns on him over his decision to dismiss diary secretary Anne Bullen and consider putting mistress Gaynor Regan in the post.
The huge turnout came in a debate into Mr Cook's moves to sack secretary Anne Bullen and hire his lover Gaynor Regan.
Mr Oliver Letwin, Conservative MP for Dorset West, is opening a halour, lunchtime debate on the circumstances under which Anne Bullen ceased to work as diary secretary at the Foreign Office after the General Election.
Mr Cook is also under pressure over the sacking shortly after the Election of Foreign Office diary secretary Ms Anne Bullen.
In a twist to their split, her husband has been at the centre of huge controversy over moves to replace his diary secretary Anne Bullen with mistress Gaynor, 41.
Robin Cook's supporters last night admitted his long-term career had been damaged by the Anne Bullen case.
Mr Cook has been under fire after allegations that he tried to sack Anne Bullen, his Foreign Office diary secretary, but was then prevented from replacing her with Ms Regan.
The Foreign Secretary said an official even spoke to her about the post, previously held by Anne Bullen.
Any hopes he had that the row over his sacking of diary secretary Anne Bullen might fizzle out were dashed.