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Later Anne Bronte worked as a governess for the Ingham family, who lived at Blake Hall, Mireld, where, in 1839, Anne looked after the Inghams' children, Joshua, and Mary.
In We Are Three Sisters, first performed by Northern Broadsides in Halifax, England in 2011, Morrison dramatizes the lives of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bronte and their brother, Branwell, using as a template The Three Sisters, which was itself likely influenced by a biography of the Brontes that Chekhov had read.
Anne Bronte, the youngest of the famous Haworth literary sisters, was a governess to the Ingham family who lived at Blake Hall.
This fine building has many features of interest, including the grave of Anne Bronte who died on May 28, 1849.
These letters of and between Emily and Anne Bronte are of great value to any Bronte scholar.
BETTING: 11-4 Princess Lavinia, 3-1 Malinsa Blue, 5-1 Charlotte Vale, 8-1 Anne Bronte, 10-1 Jenny Soba, Etoile d'Or, 16-1 Celtic Memories, 25-1 others.
Neil Callan produced the 9-4 favourite down the centre of the course to forge three-quarters of a length clear of Anne Bronte.
And for two days they were given the rare honour of filming the interior of Haworth Parsonage, now the Bronte Parsonage Museum, which was the home from 1820 to 1861 of Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte.
She is Anne Bronte in the new drama Bronte, exploring the lives of the three sisters and their brother, Branwell, at the parsonage at Haworth.
The ten essays, introduced by Miss Glen, look at the works of Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte, at the world in which they lived and at the history of their fiction.
Foreshadowed by the sororal, writerly friendship of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bronte, the mature, collegial friendship of, Gaskell and Bronte forms a dominant motif in The Life, the most compelling example of Bronte's felt necessity to define herself through her friendships with other women.
Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte lived with their father and brother in the parsonage.
The village of Haworth is truly inspiring, with its atmospheric streets and famous parsonage, home of the Bronte family including sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte.
Most of the Brontes are buried in a vault in the neighbouring church of St Michael & All Angels, though Anne Bronte was buried at St Mary's Church, Scarborough.
Author Anne Bronte was a frequent visitor to the town and died there in 1849, with her grave at the Church of St Mary, while William Wordsworth was married at nearby Brompton Church.