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poet in colonial America (born in England) (1612-1672)

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The essays help us understand how Elizabeth's memory was manipulated by politics just as it was commemorated by such women as Anne Bradstreet and Margaret Cavendish.
Anne Bradstreet inherited from Sidney and Spenser a sense of the Puritan poet's compass, in part through their examples of how theology and poetry can interact.
White continues: "It is likely that Anne Bradstreet attended [Cotton's] lectures and sermons as often as she could.
Answers: Dee Myers, Anne Bradstreet, and Katherine Graham.
Matthiessen and Noah Webster, Herman Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne, Anne Bradstreet and her sister Sarah Dudley Keayne, and most especially Anne Hutchinson.
The seriousness of this task becomes apparent in Howe's other examples - Anne Bradstreet and her sister Sarah Dudley Keayne.
She follows these profiles with two on women exemplars in Chapter Three: trouble-maker Anne Hutchinson, as a "radical exponent" of female piety, and establishment poet Anne Bradstreet as religious humanist.
Sweet words are like honey," wrote Anne Bradstreet.
No longer is Anne Bradstreet writing merely for an as yet unformed American identity or Thomas Hobbes merely for his Royalist compatriots.
Other essays investigate the green tendencies of religious writers such as George Fox and Henry Vaughn and nature in the writing of Anne Bradstreet.
If you said Dee Myers, Anne Bradstreet, and Katherine Graham, you did.
Again, Iverem's tone is perfect, as it is also in "Wanda's Letter to Her Husband Who Works Away," a theme that Anne Bradstreet used with great effect in the 1650s.
This book contains selected poetry by Isabella Whitney, Elizabeth I, Anne Cecil de Vere, Anne Dowriche, Mary Sidney, Aemilia Lanyer, Rachel Specht, Mary Wroth, Diana Primrose, Alice Sutcliffe, Jane and Elizabeth Cavendish, and Anne Bradstreet.