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a former copper coin of Pakistan and India

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Clements to tell me first what had happened after she had left Limmeridge, and so, by watchful questioning, carried her on from point to point, till we reached the period of Anne's disappearance.
Clements and Anne had travelled that day as far as Derby, and had remained there a week on Anne's account.
At Grimsby the first serious symptoms of illness had shown themselves in Anne. They appeared soon after the news of Lady Glyde's marriage had been made public in the newspapers, and had reached her through that medium.
They remained at Grimsby, in consequence, during the first half of the new year, and there they might probably have stayed much longer, but for the sudden resolution which Anne took at this time to venture back to Hampshire, for the purpose of obtaining a private interview with Lady Glyde.
No explanation of her motives was offered by Anne, except that she believed the day of her death was not far off, and that she had something on her mind which must be communicated to Lady Glyde, at any risk, in secret.
"EXCEPT Gilbert -- AND Charlie Sloane," said Diana, imitating Anne's italics and slyness.
"Charlie Sloane will be a great comfort, of course," agreed Anne sarcastically; whereupon both those irresponsible damsels laughed.
"The boys may be boarding at the other end of Kingsport, for all I know," Anne went on.
"I have a feeling that things will never be the same again, Anne."
"We have come to a parting of the ways, I suppose," said Anne thoughtfully.
"Anne," he whispered, as if afraid of being overheard, "how are you making it, Anne?"
Anne smiled again, bravely facing the long years of solitary imprisonment before her.
"Well now, Anne, don't you think you'd better do it and have it over with?" he whispered.
"I suppose I could do it to oblige you," said Anne thoughtfully.
"That's right--that's right, Anne. But don't tell Marilla I said anything about it.