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Synonyms for Annapurna

wife of Siva and a benevolent aspect of Devi: Hindu goddess of plenty

a mountain in the Himalayas in Nepal (26,500 feet high)

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One big decision Annapurna made was to go "wide" with the movie industry-speak for opening on a lot of screens (2,500, here).
Like Annapurna Devi, he too was a brilliant exponent of the surbahaar with a broader stem to allow for long heart-tugging meends or gliding notes.
Annapurna Finance is the second investment from OIJIF II and the first investment in the microfinance space.
Highlights include the Annapurna Trail, the stunning views of the Himalayas and a day of sightseeing in Kathmandu.
The Annapurna Trek to defeat leprosy is in partnership with Inspired Adventures.
This agreement, dated as of 29 January 2016 and amended on 6 April 2016, is by and among Avalanche, Annapurna, Annapurna's shareholders and Shareholder Representative Services LLC acting as the representative of Annapurna's shareholders.
The deal provided for the acquisition of all outstanding shares of Annapurna by Avalanche in exchange for approximately 17.6m newly issued shares of Avalanche common stock.
Annapurna Labs, a subsidiary of Amazon, Wednesday ( announced  a new platform-on-a-chip that can be used to power a variety of devices in homes and businesses.
She said: "I went trekking in Nepal over 20 years ago with my partner and we stayed at the Annapurna base camp in the Himalayas, near to where I became pregnant on the trip with my eldest daughter, now 23, who we called Annapurna.
The two friends, who left Scotland last week to trek the Annapurna trail to celebrate the end of their exams, have told anxious family members that they are not hurt.
16 -- Annapurna Studios had a surprised group of VIP guests on Saturday.
Dolpa district is next to Manang and Mustang districts in the popular Annapurna mountain range trail where most of the foreign trekkers and Nepalese guides and villagers were killed this week.
Forecasters had predicted the snowstorm, but many hikers appeared to have been caught unawares and were heading to an exposed high mountain pass that forms part of the popular Annapurna Circuit trekking route when it struck.