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the Mon-Khmer language spoken in Vietnam

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Congai focuses on the life of a Eurasian concubine named Thi-Linh whose mother was an Annamite and whose father, whom she had never met, was a French medical doctor and scholar (17).
Tracts de l'Office of War Information: American information sheet dated 7 November 1944 on OWI/CBI AFA-5 leaflet in Annamite and French and translations," BORDEAU D'ENVOY [a] MINISTRERE DES COLONIES, REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE--Ministrere des AFFAIRES ETRANGERS--Direction Asie- Oceanie, Paris, 8 fevrier 1945, dossier 1223, Carton 135, Indochine Nouveau Fonds, AOM.
Nous limiterons ici notre propos aux trois manifestations qui, semble-t-il, attirent le plus de regards, ou qui, a tout le moins, ont suscite le plus de temoignages : la fantasia arabe, le theatre annamite et les seances des Aissaouas au Cafe maure.
Les Annamites, Tonkinois ou autres Cochinchinois, que les metropolitains semblent parfois (souvent) confondre lors de leurs visites, ont en effet beaucoup a offrir sur l'Esplanade des Invalides et les pieces improvisees accompagnees d'une musique cacophonique pour les oreilles profanes des spectateurs metropolitains au Theatre annamite semblent frapper l'imaginaire des differents chroniqueurs qui s'y arretent (6).
This includes the world's largest huntsman spider, with a foot-long leg span and the Annamite Striped Rabbit, one of several new mammal species found here.
Annamite striped rabbits, Nesolagus timminsi, with black and brown fur, were discovered in Vietnam and Laos in 2000 and are only the second species of striped rabbit to be identified.
A new species of rabbit, with bold stripes and a reddish rump, has turned up in the Annamite mountains on the border between Laos and Vietnam.
Yet a genetic comparison of hundred-year-old museum specimens of the Sumatran animal with Annamite rabbits killed by hunters reveals separate taxonomic groups.
This area, which has a human population of approximately 30,000, is located in a limestone tower karst region of the Annamite Range in Khammuane Province.
Even today, it's not clear how many of the animals roam in the Annamite Mountains, but it's estimated to be fewer than 750.
DAS: I have the same question about the Annamite aristocrat in Saigon who teaches Salagnon the art of Chinese painting in wartime Saigon.
Both when Salagnon is taught by the Annamite aristocrat, and when the narrator learns from Salagnon, the main ingredients of this soothing art seem to be ancient wisdom/philosophy and black ink.
Washington, August 21 ( ANI ): Researchers have described an ancient skull recovered from a cave in the Annamite Mountains in northern Laos as the oldest modern human fossil found in Southeast Asia, pushing back the clock on modern human migration through the region by as much as 20,000 years.
Schroder and Borchers were to discover the realities of colonial society and the resistance of the Annamites in the eastern highlands of the north.
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