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Synonyms for Annamese

a native or inhabitant of Vietnam

the Mon-Khmer language spoken in Vietnam

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Little was known about Annamese ceramics outside of a few specialist circles until the discovery of the Hoi An hoard in the 1990s.
Patrick coinage, the ANS Lincoln Memorial medal, Annamese coins, and street money.
Watch the eyes of Takamine (as Yukiko Koda), her costar Masayuki Mori (as Kengo Tomioka), and the young woman playing the Annamese servant in the opening flashback scenes in Dalat, Indochina, in Floating Clouds.
The Annamese form what is essentially a linguistic entity -- the speakers of the Annamese language.
Boissiere thus follows the tribulations of a troupe of Annamese actors travelling to the Chinese frontier, and shows us their language and culture, full of ancient poetic and philosophical references.
Hmong road-watch teams attacked the labyrinth of supply lines running along the Annamese Cordillera between Laos and Vietnam known collectively as the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
The Pentagon Papers reports a cable from an American diplomat in Hanoi about the letters Ho wrote President Truman requesting the United States "to support the idea of Annamese independence according to the Philippines example," a startling proposition that might have extended to Vietnam the semi-autonomous status of a client state in the American orbit.
36) And she thinks of herself as a female writer whose wide-ranging experiences, including her sexuality but also, for instance, her early bilingualism, are central to her writing: "It has much to do with my style" she responded when asked about her childhood fluency in Annamese, "positioning the most important word at the end.
While at Christie's, Hughes was responsible for such important sales as The Nanking Shipwreck; The Piccus Collection of Annamese Ceramics; Classical Chinese Furniture from the Renaissance Museum; Treasures of the Tang; The Mack Collection and The Rachelle R.
feels that before encouraging Annamese immigration--and to do so in the normal conditions he explains--the protecting nation [France] should first strengthen the Lao administration, so as to make it clearer, more unified, and better accepted by other subject races.
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