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During colonial rule, the French divided the spaces that now form the Socialist Republic of Vietnam into the three 'countries' (pays) of Tonkin, Annam, and Cochinchina, which, together with Laos and Cambodia formed French Indochina.
It would allow France to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to render unto the emperors of Annam the three ky [referring to Tonkin, Annam and Cochinchina] that constituted their kingdom.
Fasting times Reyjavik, Iceland 21:57 Stockholm, Sweden 20:57 Juneau, Alaska, USA 19:51 London, England 18:53 Berlin, Germany 18:01 Toronto, Canada 17:14 Istanbul, Turkey 17:13 Beijing, China 17:00 Dearborn, USA 16:59 Chicago, USA 16:54 New York City, USA 16:43 Tehran, Iran 16:20 Rabat, Morocco 16:08 Cairo, Egypt 15:50 Los Angeles, USA 15:48 Karachi, Pakistan 15:09 Dhaka, Bangladesh 15:03 Mecca, Saudi Arabia 14:53 Mumbai, India 14:38 Abuja, Nigeria 14:03 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 13:33 Punta Annam, Chile 13:26 Jakarta, Indonesia 13:01 Rio, Brazil 12:04 Sydney, Australia 9:56 Note: Table made from bar graph.
In 1267 he declared to the King of Annam (Dai Viet) his expectation that Zhenla (Kamboja) would make its submission to him: "If they resist my orders, it will be necessary to punish them; for that I have troops in Yunnan".
In October 1887 French Indochina was formed encompassing Annam, Tonkin, Cochinchina and the Kingdom of Cambodia.
The French followed suit in Cochin China (South Vietnam) in 1879, Tonkin (North Vietnam) in 1904, Cambodia in 1905, and Annam (Central Vietnam) and Laos in 1906.
There is a phrase in Taitreya Brahmin which states 'Atho Annam Via Gau' (Cow is in veritably food).
The volume is not without flaws--certain doubtful translations from French to English (for example, the translation of Henry Casseville's novel Thi-Nhai, autre fille d'Annam as Thi-Nhai, Another Daughter of Annam instead of "another girl"), several citations of Wikipedia, inconsistent typography--but it reflects a strong, genuine effort to excavate a lost work of the early twentieth century for both the general and scholarly public.
The common assertion of various ascetics: idameva saccam, mogham annam.
The French also promised to allow a referendum to resolve the question as to whether the three administrative units comprising present-day Vietnam--Tonkin, Annam, and Cochinchina--should be allowed to unite.
quinientos millones de hombres, en Ceilan, en Birmania, en Siam, en Annam, en las posesiones holandesas, en Corea, en el Tibet, en Mogolia, en Manchuria, en elja pon, en la China.
Annam V, Korishetty SI, Yelikar BR, Hippargi SB, Shivalingappa DB.
154, (1907), 172-85; Anonymous, 'Emprunts coloniaux, Annam, Tonkin et Indo-Chine', Journal des Finances, No.
En effet, point de detail, il n'etait question de colonie francaise qu'au Laos et en Cochinchine, pas en Annam ni au Tonkin, ni au Cambodge, qui etaient des protectorats.
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