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Synonyms for annals

Synonyms for annals

a chronological record of past events

Synonyms for annals

reports of the work of a society or learned body etc

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a chronological account of events in successive years

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The history section concludes with a contribution by Alex Woolf on the reports of Scotland in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, who notes that the annal for 920 'is the first near contemporary use of the Scott-term for the northern kingdom' (p.
Subsequent citations will appear in text by starting annal.
The annal is perhaps the simplest form of such detached recording.
Yoknapatawpha," I suggest, is a convenient shorthand for Faulkner's literary project, a project by which he sought to chronicle the existence of the rich and complex interior lives of "the men and women who made [him], the record and annal of [his] native land.
An annal is a written account of events arranged chronologically year by year.
The one saving story in this annal of oblivion is of two sisters separated in a raid.
Farmer Cyril Annal, who owns Swona, which is a four-mile boat trip from South Ronaldsay, said: "These cows are unique all right.
John Dodgson makes an excellent, though not watertight, case for the identification of Brunanburh (Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, annal 937), site of the famous victory of the English over a Norse army, with Bromborough in Cheshire.
For example, annal 1065 contains writing which is possibly that of scribes ten to thirteen.
When the Puritan Henry Hardware junior became mayor, in 1599-1600, he banned bear- and bullbaits and purged the Midsummer Show of its carnivalesque figures; one annal says that he 'would not suffer any playes beare Baits or Bullbaits', as if that was unusual.
Connelly and Clandinin (1990) highlight the difference between a simple annal that tries to record events objectively and a narrative that is enriched by meaning, significance or connection between events.
The book is a chronological narrative, written in the form of a yearly annal.
The Xochimilcans soon became the undisputed master chinampa builders; but being nearest the Aztec capital in adjoining Lake Texcoco, they were also the first to bow to them in a battle which is recounted in a bloodcurdling war annal.
Black, who has been addressing newspaper people around the country about the new newspaper mega-association and its goals, presented some similar details during her report to the annal ANPA convention in New York City on May 4.