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Synonyms for annals

Synonyms for annals

a chronological record of past events

Synonyms for annals

reports of the work of a society or learned body etc

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a chronological account of events in successive years

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For example, the Annals of Ulster, which contain a contemporary record, note that Mael Sechnaill was present at the battle, but the Annals of Inisfallen, extant in a copy made in 1096 and essentially an Ui Briain court record, fail to mention him.
Yoknapatawpha," I suggest, is a convenient shorthand for Faulkner's literary project, a project by which he sought to chronicle the existence of the rich and complex interior lives of "the men and women who made [him], the record and annal of [his] native land.
The single attested incidence of a border marker on the border between Egypt and Israel occurs in the annals of Tiglath-Pileser III, in the description of his campaign of 734 B.
A The requirement that retailers with an annal turnover of over BGN 50 M for the preceding year prepare and publish online uniform contracts for all their suppliers is also problematic, according to Plevneliev.
Caryn Annal and Samantha Garaghan are pictured left with war dishes at the 2004 event.
Paper presented at annal conference of the Australian association for research in education, melbourn.
In annal form, Illies walks readers through the the last year before the advent of industrial warfare.
The competition is only an annal event at Regatta Point, but whenever they can the rest of the year, the group members meet every Monday afternoon (club Fun Days), with dedication "until it's too cold, too dark or there's no wind,'' Mr.
Annal membership dues are based on your organization's defense-related revenue.
Non cooperative games, Annal of Mathematics 54(2): 286-295.
Use of internet by the research scholars at shivaji university, kolahapur, Annal of library and information studies, 55 (2), pp.
Every leader in our case is a founding father in his/her own right, and the public will have no choice but to accord them the necessary place in the annal of our history.
1995), "Dynamic Regulation of Receptive Fields and Maps in the Adult Sensory Cortex", Annal Review of Neuroscience, 18: 129-58.
They are working at the Annal Jyoti School in the country's capital Kathmandu, teaching English, music and sport as well as visiting an orphanage.
Gouge identifies contractions in the period after the Panic of 1819 in business annal format: (1821) "The effects of an expansion apparently commenced in the spring, begin to be felt in June or July, and by October the spirit of speculation is tolerably active;" (1825) "In July or August a violent reaction commences;" (1826) "The effects of the reaction are felt through the greater part of the year;" (1828) "Scarcity of money in May and September;" (1829) "Money is scarce till July;" (1831) "Reaction begins in October;" (1832) "Money scarce.