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chewy fruit-flavored jellied candy (sometimes medicated to soothe a sore throat)

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Any trip to Jordan would not be complete without a visit to Petra or Wadi Rum - and one or two of these enterprises offering a unique insight into the spirit and people of Jordan," Annab noted.
For her part, Annab said, "Jordan's hotels and tourism sector at large will benefit tremendously from this programme, as hotel service standards improve as a result of a more qualified workforce.
Annab says "today's traveller is geopolitically aware" and therefore not held hostage to media coverage or terrorist threats.
The Pope was welcomed at the airport by Prince Ghazi bin Hamad, a representative of the king, Jordanian tourism minister Lina Annab, Amman governor Khaled Abou Zaid, along with other high-ranking Jordanian officials.
JORDAN has been announced as the official host for the sixth edition of the Arab Aviation Summit, to be held under the patronage of Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Lina Annab.
Set to be held under the patronage of Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Lina Annab, this year's edition will take place at the Dead Sea in Jordan on 5th and 6th December 2016.
The bodies were of Tharwat Al-Shaarawi, 20 year-old of Al-Khalil (Hebron), who was killed in early December near Annab military barrier, close to Tulkarm city in north of the West Bank.
16) Politoloog Raivo Vetik vaidab Gellnerit kritiseerides, et "maarahvas" vastandas end selgelt teistele, mis annab tunnistust meietundest.
Annab, centrally located in Jawaharat al Shatti in Qurm, offers just that -- traditional flavours with an innovative touch that are tantalising and delicious.
Erinevate kohtade ja asutuste kulastamine annab hea voimaluse tutvuda ning moelda, millised on meie elukutsega seotud hetketrendid, mis on keskaja arheoloogia mootor tanapaeval, millised on uustulnukate jaoks peamised kitsaskohad jne.
the famous newspapers are el- moujahid el chaab el nasser el masaah el Jamhouria le raison el aharar el Watan liberte l'expression el Waset el chourouk el Khabar and many local publications like l'aures el annab etc Algerian authorities have recently created many private channel of tv and radio like alchouraq tv alnahar tv noumedia tv atlas tv tv capital and el Khabar tv.
Actualites Eecrit par Mohammed Bakrim Trois questions a Jamila Annab, universitaire, cinephile Jeune realisatrice a la SNRT, Jamila Annab a une formation de cinema et audiovisuel qu'elle a completee par des etudes universitaires; aujourd'hui elle est doctorante a la faculte des lettres de Ben M'sik, preparant sa these de Doctorat sur la problematique de la reception filmique.
Radi Annab, who heads Bay Tree Foods, the Just Falafel's master franchisee for the Greater Toronto Area, said: "I'm looking forward to welcoming new regulars to the restaurant and quickly becoming a popular spot for our authentic Mediterranean food that prides itself on being a locally sourced, hand-made cuisine that appeals to all segments of the community.
South Africa recycles less than 20 per cent of all plastics products made locally, making a whopping 80 per cent fair game to anyone who wants it, Annab Pretorius, GM of the South African Plastics Recycling Organisation said earlier.