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United States publisher (born in Australia in 1931)

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Rupert Murdoch may have named his eldest son "first among equals," but his ex-wife Anna Murdoch Mann saw through the mogul's psychology and rightfully predicted succession would bring "a lot of heartbreak and hardship."
If the recent words of Anna Murdoch Mann, ex-wife of Rupert, are anything to go by, family businesses can create more problems than they solve since the expectation placed on young shoulders can be immense.
Because California is a community property state, such luminaries of the Murdoch media empire as Fred Barnes, William Kristol, and John Podhoretz are said to be just a tad nervous about the turmoil the division of assets Anna Murdoch's divorce might bring to the Fox TV network, The New York Post, the Weekly Standard, and the many other organizations her husband, Rupert, controls.
Coming to Terms by Anna Murdoch, Rupert's now-separated wife (1991).
After their stay at the hotel Rupert and Anna Murdoch took home a large china pot of foie gras "with Mr al Fayed's compliments..."
Rupert & Anna Murdoch - PS1.1billion The media mogul was married for 32 years before splitting in 1999.