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United States publisher (born in Australia in 1931)

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The four new Regents join some exclusive company which includes outgoing chair Anna Murdoch, new chair Marion Anderson, and committee chairs: Kris Popovich, Tom Larkin, local TV personality Steve Edwards and Anne O'Melveny Wilson.
Anna Murdoch, 54, filed for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court last July 21, citing irreconcilable differences.
After their stay at the hotel Rupert and Anna Murdoch took home a large china pot of foie gras "with Mr al Fayed's compliments.
Murdoch, a native of Melbourne, Australia, and a graduate of Oxford University, is married to Anna Murdoch, a novelist.
Anna Murdoch, a longtime Capitol Hill advocate for at-risk children, has been named president of the Board of Trustees for Children's Institute International in Los Angeles.