Grandma Moses

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United States painter of colorful and primitive rural scenes (1860-1961)

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They loved the photograph of the kind-faced woman named Anna Mary Robertson, and the story of how she began her life as a hardworking farmer, and then redefined herself as an artist when she was in her 80s, becoming known as "Grandma Moses.
1 Anna Mary Robertson Moses (better known as Grandma) represented art for a lot of people who didn't otherwise respond to painting.
Anna Mary Robertson Moses, popularly known as Grandma Moses, may be the most famous American folk artist.
Here's a last chance to learn about the life of artist Anna Mary Robertson Moses, a k a Grandma Moses, when storyteller Jim Woodward concludes his series on the famed painter at 1 p.
By what name was US 'primitive artist' Anna Mary Robertson Moses better known?