Anna Eleanor Roosevelt

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wife of Franklin Roosevelt and a strong advocate of human rights (1884-1962)

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More than 65 years after FDR gave Saudi King Abdul Aziz Bin Saud a DC-3 aircraft as a goodwill gesture to start a new era of friendship with the Arab world, his granddaughter Anna Eleanor Roosevelt has launched an initiative that aims to take that engagement to a new level, while involving and empowering young people of the Arab world.
The longer entries are divided between two sections, each introduced by an essay that highlights major themes and events: "First Wave: The Woman Question to Suffrage"; and "Second- and Third-Wave Feminism: Civil Rights to the Internet." Within each section, entries are ordered not by birth or death dates, but rather by date of "activity within the movement." This practice is inconsistent, however, since bell hooks (1952-) appears two entries ahead of Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962).
The pair met with policy-makers, toured the White House and attended a memorial with Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, the granddaughter of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.