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wife of William Shakespeare (1556-1623)


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Nonetheless, when Ann Hathaway Shakespeare died in 1623, she was buried beneath her husband's monument, an act that some have interpreted as her revenge.
Starring: Ann Hathaway, Glenn Close, Patrick Warburton, Jim Belushi.
Modern-day Cinderella story with Ann Hathaway and Julie Andrews.
This year's winner, Lucy Caldwell from Northern Ireland, has the Hollywood looks of Ann Hathaway and - judging by the quality of the extract from her novel The Meeting Point - a cerebellum the size of Belfast.
Ann Hathaway 44, flew back into Manchester airport after her surprise release from jail in Italy
Ann Hathaway, 44, allegedly helped run the gang - who carry out drug trafficking, extortion and killing - after her husband Antonio Rinzivillo was jailed for 30 years for murder in Italy.
Housewife Ann Hathaway, 44, was taken into custody on an extradition warrant issued by the Italian authorities, Scotland Yard said.
Two minutes away is Holy Trinity Churchyard, to which Shakespeare made his final journey, bequeathing his New Place home to Susannah and Dr Hall and his "second best bed" to his often-deserted wife, Ann Hathaway.
He joins artists such as Glenn Close, James Belushi, Ann Hathaway, Anthony Anderson, Andy Dick, Patrick Warburton and David Ogden Stiers.
This essay was also written by Shawn Donille of Mountain Rose Herbs, Julia Martin and Ann Hathaway of The Clothes Horse, Gavin McComas of Sundance Natural Foods and Sandy Little and John Fitzgerald of Mezza Luna Pizzeria.
Before After ANN HATHAWAY When her boyfriend Raffaello Follieri was accused of fraud, One Day star Ann, 29, acted out her revenge by chopping off her long locks and going all femme fatale.
Despite the international fame of William Shakespeare, we almost never hear mention of his wife, Ann Hathaway.
So much has changed but even so I reckon if Will was around today I think he'd feel duty bound to reflect life as it really is in the 21st century; living, as he would be, on the front line in Stratford upon Avon with his fit bitch Ann Hathaway.
The movie, released this Friday, stars Ann Hathaway as Andy, an aspiring journalist who joins a high-profile New York fashion magazine which is run under an iron fist by its editor Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep).