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having the back covered with thick bony plates

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Remains of the giant ankylosaurs, each larger than a bull African elephant have recently been uncovered during explorations of a huge Utah fossil-bed.
She explained that between 1900 and 1930 researchers determined that small variations in the skull armour and the tail clubs in some ankylosaurs constituted four individual species of the dinosaurs.
Leaf-shaped teeth are found in dinosaurs like stegosaurs and ankylosaurs that eat plants.
From past finds, paleontologists know that the Vega Island area was home to ankylosaurs and other herbivorous dinosaurs.
Mallon said he is hoping to see scutes, or bony plates or scales that were on the skin of ankylosaurs.
Carpenter is currently studying the relationships among the known ankylosaurs, a suborder that includes Nodosauridae and Ankylosauridae.
Famous dinosaurs in that area included predatory tyrannosaurs, the duck-billed hadrosaurs, heavily armored ankylosaurs, and horned dinosaurs known as ceratopsians.
Stegosaurs had bony back plates and tail spikes, and ankylosaurs sported heavily armoured bodies and bony tail clubs.