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an ornament worn around the ankle


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He added when Winfrey cut his ankle monitor, it "immediately alerted our officers."
He was brought back and handed over to Seoul Nowon Police Station, where he was arrested for numerous charges including vandalizing the ankle monitor and violating his probation.
As the exhibition's Facebook page states, the exhibition will feature art from Laura Collins, Artist Derek Covington Smith, Tiny Stitchers, Lila Freeman, Randy G, Natasha Kwb and more, who will depicting some of the most outrageous moments from the decade, such as Lohan's ankle monitor or Hilton out clubbing.
The 32-year-old is currently tied to an ankle monitor to ensure that he remains in France until the Supreme Court has ade a final decision regarding his case.
CASABLANCA: Moroccan star Saad Lamjarred could be temporarily released from the Fleury-Merogis prison where he is currently held and be forced to wear an ankle monitor. A source close to the star, who was arrested last week on charges of "aggravated sexual assault," told the Moroccan daily, "Assabah," that Lamjarred could be soon released from prison and prompted to wear an ankle monitor If the French justice system does force Lamjarred to wear an ankle monitor, he will not be able to leave French territory before the court makes a final decision concerning his judgment.
The man had a hearing later this month and had been ordered to wear an ankle monitor. Caldero said the children's mother was traveling outside of Puerto Rico and that a recent protection order did not prohibit Seguinot from being with his children.
If a client's ankle monitor gets damaged or lost, the company can charge her up to $3,950, which may be several times the typical replacement cost for the device.
The ankle monitor used to track his or her movements has reported the parolee entering a restricted area.
("Blackhat'' is a term for a criminal hacker, whereas a "whitehat'' does it beneficially for security.) Though outfitted with an ankle monitor, Hathaway quickly takes command of an unlikely U.S.-China joint task force led by Hathaway's former MIT roommate Chen Dawai (Leehom Wang) for China.
She was placed under house arrest wearing a tracking ankle monitor and was later found to have broken the terms of her probation by failing to perform community service.
The restrictive bail conditions -- including wearing an ankle monitor, limited outings and being confined to a Lower Manhattan townhouse under the watch of armed guards -- were lifted.
The Harris County Sheriffs Office pilot program has tagged each offender with an ankle monitor equipped with continuously monitored GPS tracking.
Evidence reveals that Burgess's son, Daniel helped his dad escape by removing his ankle monitor.
Evidence reveals that Burgess's son, Daniel helped his dad escape by removing his ankle monitor. Burgess Jr claims his father was not a bad man, and only wanted to leave the home so as to repay some of the investors he cheated.
So he claimed a pal gave him the tag to wear for Lohan, who has been ordered to wear an alcohol ankle monitor.