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an ornament worn around the ankle


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Notably, since 2009, ice's own ankle monitor program has released tens of thousands of selected detainees without bond.
Though outfitted with an ankle monitor, Hathaway quickly takes command of an unlikely U.
She was placed under house arrest wearing a tracking ankle monitor and was later found to have broken the terms of her probation by failing to perform community service.
The restrictive bail conditions -- including wearing an ankle monitor, limited outings and being confined to a Lower Manhattan townhouse under the watch of armed guards -- were lifted.
The Harris County Sheriffs Office pilot program has tagged each offender with an ankle monitor equipped with continuously monitored GPS tracking.
Evidence reveals that Burgess's son, Daniel helped his dad escape by removing his ankle monitor.
So he claimed a pal gave him the tag to wear for Lohan, who has been ordered to wear an alcohol ankle monitor.
Will they have an electronic ankle monitor on him so team officials can be alerted if he wanders off between innings over to the all-you-can-eat right-field pavilion?
Should he post bond, he'll be on pre-trial release and be forced to wear an ankle monitor.
After she spent 18 days in jail, lawyers won her release with an ankle monitor while immigration prosecutors weigh their options.
One can argue that it is not just criminals or offenders who are made to wear an ankle monitor.
Now, we have Lindsay Lohan, a glamorous role model for teenagers, wearing an ankle monitor -- and on the front page no less, looking like an advertisement for soft porn.
He ordered Skilling to home confinement, wearing an ankle monitor, and told the US Bureau of Prisons to recommend when Skilling should report to prison.