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Synonyms for anklet

a shoe for a child or woman that has a strap around the ankle

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a sock that reaches just above the ankle

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an ornament worn around the ankle

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A third former officer, commander of the disaster response team EMAK Andreas Loizides, refused to wear an ankle bracelet and has opted to return to jail every night after work up to the time he will be officially released.
Problem drinkers will be forced to wear electronic ankle bracelets.
Perry has ordered that Brown and other registered sex offenders who were previously released from continuous monitoring must now be monitored again with ankle bracelets.
Attenti Holding SA produces systems such as ankle bracelets for monitoring and tracking the movements of people who are awaiting trial or are on probation and those of patients in senior care centers.
San Antonio is trying a different approach: GPS devices on ankle bracelets for chronic truants under court supervision.
Austrian far-right politician Joerg Haider, who has been embroiled in a recent dispute over refugees, has called for asylum seekers to wear electronic ankle bracelets.
The catwalk star, wearing a sleek blacksheathdress, towering black stilettos and ankle bracelets, stood silently before the judge in Manhattan Criminal Court as prosecutors said a plea deal was possible in the case.
Her next task will be to find stilettos to match her new ankle bracelets and the handcuffs already in her wardrobe.
Personalized gift choices (and I don't mean matching engraved ankle bracelets or an insignia towel set) mean that your girl is attentive.
In March, National Public Radio reported that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had launched a pilot program to track immigrants for 24 hours a day with electronic ankle bracelets.
Does this mean electronic ankle bracelets are the next celeb fashion trend?
Reporters Noah Bierman and Wanda DeMarzo investigated how successful those electronic ankle bracelets are in preventing misbehavior by those wearing them.
He made his birds ankle bracelets, literally, from the plastic beads that melt together into colorful jewelry when pressed with an iron.
They will pick up signals from micro-chips fitted in the ankle bracelets.
95, adds a luminous touch to toes and is great for wearing with pearl embroidered sandals, ribbon decorated mules, ankle bracelets, and foot jewellery.