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Synonyms for anklet

a shoe for a child or woman that has a strap around the ankle

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a sock that reaches just above the ankle

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an ornament worn around the ankle

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Heavenly Treasures, a provider of exquisite jewelry for everyone, has expanded their collection of elegant ankle bracelets
With the grant money, the department could put ankle bracelets on as many as 600 high-risk sex offenders.
for alcohol breath tests, but the program later offered the alternatives of wearing an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet, frequent urinalysis, or wearing drug patches that collect sweat samples for drug testing.
Hills Paris Specials: 4-1 Nicole Ritchie to be snapped with a sympathy bracelet, 20-1 Paris to keep the bracelet on because she is 'attached' to it, 33-1 Ankle bracelet Top Toy at Christmas, 50-1 Barbie to bring out a ankle bracelet accessory.
They will pick up signals from micro-chips fitted in the ankle bracelets.
95, adds a luminous touch to toes and is great for wearing with pearl embroidered sandals, ribbon decorated mules, ankle bracelets, and foot jewellery.
To allow authorities to track them street by street, offenders wear ankle bracelets and carry mobile receivers that use signals from satellites to calculate their exact location.
The hospital has since turned to ankle bracelets (which don't fall off as easily) and is testing a clamp that attaches to an infant's umbilical cord.
Fitted with electronic ankle bracelets (for which each had to pay $4.
This backdrop is likened to the ornaments married women in India are supposed to wear -- colorful sans, ankle bracelets, a bindi dot (called tip in Bengali) on the forehead, and a vermilion-paste marriage mark in the parting of the hair.
They have been known for their ankle bracelets (http://www.
Electronic monitoring technology producer has briefed State Government bureaucrats in regards with the potential of ankle bracelets to keep low-level criminals out of jail and reduce family violence incidents.
Three decades after they were introduced as a crime-fighting tool, electronic ankle bracelets used to track an offender's whereabouts have proliferated so much that officials are struggling to handle an avalanche of monitoring alerts that are often nothing more sinister than a dead battery, lost satellite contact or someone arriving home late from work.
Cumbrian dairy farmer Robin Fisher is using the ankle bracelets, or pedometers, on his herd of 750 milking cows.
will be using advanced new ankle bracelets to electronically monitor high-risk offenders following their release from prison.