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a gliding joint between the distal ends of the tibia and fibula and the proximal end of the talus

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The Donrussellia ankle bone was more similar to the ankle bones of ( tree shrews - squirrel-looking mammals that are native to southeast Asia - and other non-primates than they were to the ankle bones of primates.
"A sprained ankle means you've partially torn one of the ligaments between your ankle bones," Kadel says.
Several 65-millionyear-old fossil ankle bones from Montana belong to a small tree-dwelling species known as Purgatorius, Stephen Chester of Yale University announced on October 19.
But then Gerry, drawing on his fast dwindling human knowledge, first takes a farmer's rifle and then makes a crude cudgel from the dead pilot's ankle bone with a stone head gaffer-taped on it.
Liu had four pieces of bone removed from the Achilles tendon, including a bone spur between the tendon and the ankle bone which was the cause of his withdrawal in his first-round heat at the Bird's Nest stadium in August.
SUZANNE Shaw's future in Dancing On Ice hangs in the balance after she chipped an ankle bone yesterday when landing awkwardly in rehearsals.
SUZANNE Shaw's future in the Dancing On Ice contest hung in the balance last night after she chipped an ankle bone when landing awkwardly in rehearsals.
Ex-Watford pro David Evans, now Llanfairpwll's captain, has a cracked ankle bone and will miss today's clash with potential title contenders Bala Town, writes Keith Evans.
THERE were rumours abounding late on Thursday night that a fractured ankle bone was the reason for Serena Williams being taken to three sets in her opening two matches at the All England Club.
Unfortunately, in Flintoff's case, the plaster was around his left foot following an op on an ankle bone spur.
He's had a `stress reaction' in an ankle bone, a warning to go easy or risk a fracture.
Either they would wobble around as I walked or slip down and land on my ankle bone. That never felt good.
And Republic team doctor Conal Hooper said: 'The worry is that Barry has a hairline crack in the ankle bone and he is going to have a scan.
Your pinkie should be resting on the upper edge of the ankle bone. The acu-point is under the second joint of your index finger, just behind the shin bone.
An important finding supporting Rieppel and deBraga's conclusion about turtles has to do with the pattern of ankle bone formation in turtles, lizards, and an endangered lizard-like species known as tuatara, which survives on islands off the coast of New Zealand.