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langur of southern Asia

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Welfare Minister H Anjaneya visited the hostels and inspected the quality of the accommodation.
Anjaneya Sarma and Francois Grimal have chosen three commentaries on a single Paninian sutra, but what a sutra it is
Meanwhile, the Anjaneya Sathe Group said it had refunded over 800 tickets sold for the concert.
Kurt Pereira 28, Varun Totadari 27, Anjaneya Malpani 21.
IC manufacturing at 90-nm geometries requires that device layouts are compliant with the requirements of process complexity," said Anjaneya Thakar, vice president of marketing and business development for Numerical's Cadabra products.
Raul's record speaks for itself, and I am delighted that someone with his industry vision, experience and stature sees the exceptional value of our technology," said Anjaneya Thakar, vice president of marketing and applications.
Tenders are invited for supply, delivery and errection of 12 mts high mast lighting system at chitti anjaneya swamy temple at swaraj talkies center bose road in tenali municipality
Anjaneya recently invited to Bengaluru former Lok Sabha speaker Meira Kumar, who said: "Siddaramaiah is capable and sensible towards the Dalit cause in the state.
Anjaneya Malpani of Dubai Modern hogged the limelight through a fine 86 runs and also picked two wicket for one run.
Cypress is known for delivering high-quality, high-performance communications ICs, and they need the best tools in their development environment," said Anjaneya Thakar, Numerical Technologies' vice president of business development for Cadabra products.
Saleh's caliber presenting the crisis facing circuit designers with regards to dynamic coupling," said Anjaneya Thakar, Xoomsys president and CEO.
Tenders are invited for Supplying and Erection of 65 watts LED Street Lights at following places :-Sai Layout, Kolmi Ramaiah Layout, Munireddy Layout, DVG Road Right Side, Subhash Nagara, Indiranagara Surroundings, Anjaneya temple, R.
Anjaneya convinced his daughter, a graduate, to tie the knot at a mass marriage in his home constituency of Holalkere of Chitradurga district.
Abbas and Res are highly respected industry veterans and bring a wealth of experience with them," said Anjaneya Thakar, Xoomsys president and CEO.
Tenders are invited for Formation of Ayacut road from Hunasagi 110 KV Station to Katapur Anjaneya Temple in Shorapur Taluka of Yadgir District.