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LuekoScan(R) is a monoclonal anitbody fragment directly labeled with technetium-99m, an inexpensive frequently used radioisotope with high quality imaging capability.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Antibody Histone H3 (He2K9), Histone H4 (K5), Calpastatin Anitbody
ANA screen plus 11 individual anitbody results: Centromere, Chromatin, dsDNA, Jo-1, RNP, Ribosomal P, SmRNP, SSA, SSB, Scl-70,Sm.
the test for HIV anitbody was negative at day nine, but turned up positive at three months.
Laws already enacted deal with these kinds of issues: authorizing local and state health directors to order AIDS testing on individuals known or suspected, through medical or epidemiological information, to have the disease and to represent a danger to the public (Colorado); requiring blood donor organizations to adopt policies and procedures for directed blood donations (Georgia, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Tennessee); and prohibiting employers from requiring an AIDS anitbody test as a condition of employment (Massachusetts and Wisconsin).