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the property of being anisotropic

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Blachowicz, "Influence of shape and dimension on magnetic anisotropies and magnetization reversal of Py, Fe, and Co nano-objects with four-fold symmetry," AIP Advances, vol.
Therefore, it can be inferred that, in power law cosmology, at an early phase of cosmic evolution, the pressure was assumed to be isotropic; however, in the late phase, pressure anisotropies still remain.
Boscaleri et al., "Degree-scale observations of cosmic microwave background anisotropies," Astrophysical Journal Letters, vol.
The model accounts for both these anisotropies when it computes propagating action potentials, but it cannot deal with extracellular anisotropy (Re) when computing the ECG.
The reason of this relatively small difference is that the subgrain and grain anisotropies are not too pronounced.
PlasDIC polarization optical DIC system allows the use of plastic dishes without any loss of information and is free of optical anisotropies of the condenser, microscope slide, specimen, and objective caused by strain or natural birefringence.
We measure two anisotropies, [r.sub.M] and [r.sub.T], corresponding to excitation light polarized in the machine and transverse directions:
The cosmic microwave background radiation, or CMBR, is riddled with warm and cool spots, or anisotropies, whose temperature departs by a few parts in 100,000 from the average of 2.7[degrees] Kelvin.
By experience, this procedure is known to be very sensitive to the anisotropies introduced by the choice of the sample space [V.sub.n], i.e., the different refinement levels for the different directions.
Viewing hydrogen gas over the entire sky, a SOHO detector known as Solar Wind Anisotropies (SWAN) records a wavelength of ultraviolet radiation called Lyman alpha.
Figure 7 depicts that the anisotropies present in <[]>, <[V.sub.T]>, and <<[v.sub.T]>> distributions rise monotonically with increasing [p.sub.T].
With each new round of WMAP data, apparent anomalies called "anisotropies" in the CMB have puzzled physicists.
Weinberger (computer materials science, Vienna Institute of Technology, Austria) presents engineers with this summary of the theoretical means to describe magnetic anisotropies and interlayer exchange coupling in nanosystems.