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the property of being anisotropic

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But polarization codiscoverer Erik Leitch (University of Chicago) cautions that those studies assume the anisotropies indeed date from about 400,000 years after the Big Bang, when matter cooled enough for atoms to form, allowing radiation to fly freely through space for the first time.
By experience, this procedure is known to be very sensitive to the anisotropies introduced by the choice of the sample space [V.
Viewing hydrogen gas over the entire sky, a SOHO detector known as Solar Wind Anisotropies (SWAN) records a wavelength of ultraviolet radiation called Lyman alpha.
Furthermore, because of the differently oriented anisotropies of neighbouring crystals, the material is also micro-inhomogeneous.
Weinberger (computer materials science, Vienna Institute of Technology, Austria) presents engineers with this summary of the theoretical means to describe magnetic anisotropies and interlayer exchange coupling in nanosystems.
Higher molecular in-plane orientation caused higher anisotropies in dielectric constants.
These slight deviations, or anisotropies, are about to produce a new wave of fundamental cosmic revelations.
The good news is that scientists havereported three measurements that could be one sort of the desired anisotropies.
AZIM takes these anisotropies into account and allows geoscientists to more accurately map subsurface structures, identify faulting patterns, and optimize drilling locations.
There are several physical reasons, theoretical and experimental, that could justify a search for anisotropies in light propagation.