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However, when assessing suborders, specialist Anisoptera were significantly more likely to be uncommon/rare than generalist Anisoptera ([chi square] = 8.
However, Anisoptera had a higher proportion of species falling into the specialist category than Zygoptera; therefore, the impact of evolutionary history cannot be ruled out.
Dragonfly genera of the New World; an illustrated and annotated key to the Anisoptera.
In this article we report details surrounding the addition of the dragonfly Arigomphus lentulus (Stillwater Clubtail) and damselfly Lestes forficula (Rainpool Spreadwing) to the Mississippi fauna, which brings the total Anisoptera (dragonflies) to 94 spp.
The odonates of North America are divided into two distinct suborders, Anisoptera (dragonflies) and Zygoptera (damselflies).
The Tarboton guides, treating Anisoptera and Zygoptera separately, were designed for field identification of South African Odonata.