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native to Egypt but cultivated widely for its aromatic seeds and the oil from them used medicinally and as a flavoring in cookery

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Ashan (2011) revealed the positive modulatory effects of dietary senna and anise oil medicinal plant on broiler performance, blood biochemical and immunity parameters.
The most significant importing countries of anise oil are the USA and France.
Due to the hike in anise prices, explains Wardy, some arak producers cut costs by using lower quality anise or anise substitutes such as anise oil or phenyl oil.
More pleasant attractants include anise oil or grape extract.
The main compound of anise oil is the phenylpropene trans-anethole (content: 90 - 97%), inducing the typical flavour of the crop.
Some also like anise oil. Why bait would like this licorice smell is open to conjecture, but some of the most seasoned pros in the business, including Capt.
The specially-trained officers also weeded out almost three kilos of Agarwood, which is used in incense and perfume, and six kilos of honey among freight which had been wrongly described on the packaging as anise oil.
Domestic licorice candy rarely contains natural licorice root; instead, it contains anise oil, which has a similar flavor but does not offer the same benefits.
Despite the popularity of licorice candy in the U.S., licorice root has been replaced in domestic candy with anise oil, which has a similar flavour.
Anise oil has anothole (85 %) as active ingredient and also it has contained eugenol, methylchavicol, anisaldehyde and estragole.
Other possibilities, that anise oil many improved nutrient digestion and absorption by increasing the activity of pancrease enzymes [9].