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a negatively charged ion

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Characteristics such as their ringed structure, easy functionalization and ability to create different sizes of molecular gaps enable them as great carriers for cations, anions and neutral molecules [10-13].
Toward the end of the exchange cycle, this would then be displaced by anions with a higher binding affinity, which in turn would enable acid to form.
The research also showed that the carbon chain anions were more plentiful in the upper levels of Titan's atmosphere and the supply depleted as Cassini went close to the surface of the moon.
These water samples were analyzed chemically for TDS, pH, major cations, anions and total hardness in the chemical laboratory of Geological survey ofPakistan, Lahore.
In this study, ZnAl-LDH films intercalated with different corrosion inhibitor anions have been fabricated on aluminum alloy substrates via a facile crystallization method.
Anion gap was calculated to further stratify metabolic acidosis and cases of diabetic ketoacidosis were the commonest in this category (47%).
Circulating anions usually associated with the Krebs cycle in patients with metabolic acidosis.
Some fibrous anion exchangers were synthesized on the basis of industrially produced PAN fiber (11-18).
Elevated AG usually represents abnormal accumulation of either endogenous or exogenous unmeasured anions and indicates a primary disorder (a metabolic acidosis), regardless of the pH or the serum bicarbonate (HC[O.
Bowman-James and her fellow editors have produced what they call a sequel to their 1997 Supramolecular Chemistry of Anions, incorporating developments in the science during the intervening 15 years.
The kidney can efficiently eliminate excess anions from the blood, thus addition of anionic salts induces a sharp reduction in urinary pH.
ABSTRACT: The major inorganic anions (fluoride, chloride, nitrate, and sulfate) in the water samples of Quetta were determined by Ion chromatography with suppressed conductivity detection.
Our analysis has found that mutation at N 101 results in the ability of other anions such as acetate, methanesulfonate and gluconate to functionally substitute for CL in assay buffers.