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a process in which ions are exchanged between a solution and an insoluble (usually resinous) solid

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The best purification degree of enzyme solutions is observed upon application of A500P anion-exchange resin at pH 4.
An optimized PCR procedure and a high performance anion-exchange liquid chromatography were employed in this research.
Purity of the sample obtained after the anion-exchange chromatography was assessed by SDS-PAGE and a single protein band with an approximate molecular mass of 25 kDa was observed (Figure 2A).
Research of influence of trimethylamine quantity on size of anion-exchange resin exchange capacity showed that the maximum degree of amination of polymer is reached at 4 multiple surplus of amine.
In view of these drawbacks, high performance anion-exchange chromatography has increasingly been used for carbohydrate determination.
3] sample was dispersed in 400 ml of carbonate-free aqueous solution of corresponding acid neutralized by NaOH solution; an excess of intercalated anion was used with respect to the LDH anion-exchange capacity (concentration of 0.
Until now, the methods have required separate isoformseparation and transferrin-quantification steps, such as isoelectric focusing and immunofixation, or anion-exchange column chromatography and immunoassay.
We are grateful to Dr Caixan Tang of La Trobe University for providing the seed, Greg Codes for the access to the field site, and Dr Maartin Hens, CSIRO Plant Industry, for assistance with the anion-exchange membrane method.
Trypanosoma brucei: miniature anion-exchange centrifugation technique for detection of low parasitaemias: adaptation for field use.
Cheap and effective fuel cells are achievable using alkaline anion-exchange membranes, according to a scientist from the UK's University of Surrey.
Using anion-exchange membranes to measure soil nitrate availability and net nitrification.
Building on that first step, DuPont worked with colleagues to design a novel technique for sorting CNTs using anion-exchange chromatography and single-stranded DNA.