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a process in which ions are exchanged between a solution and an insoluble (usually resinous) solid

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Compared with other anion exchange membranes, both nanocomposite membranes containing 5% LDH sheets displayed better balanced performance.
These indicated that the composite membranes have the potential to apply as the membrane of alkali anion exchange membrane in fuel cell.
Three nodal roots were gently exposed and sampled non-destructively with anion exchange membranes placed on tip and mature root regions.
Anion exchange membrane soil N[O.sub.3]-N values greater than 3 [micro]g [cm.sup.-2] [d.sup.-1] would suggest an accumulation of soil N[O.sub.3]-N above turf needs, and a reevaluation of current N management of the turf area might be warranted.
Deep studies needed to fully understand the potential impact of the degree of crosslinked network to satisfy the requirements for alkaline anion exchange membrane fuel cell (AAEMFC) application.
where [t.sub.+,CEM] is the transport number of cation in cation exchange membranes and [t.sub.-,AEM] is the transport number of anion in anion exchange membrane.
Anion exchange membranes are nearly two-dimensional strips of vinyl with anion exchange sites.
Shen, "Quaternized poly(phthalazinon ether sulfone ketone) membrane for anion exchange membrane fuel cells," Journal of Membrane Science, vol.
[34] shows that the beginning of life performance with anion exchange membranes approaches that of proton exchange membranes.
In the area of materials development, they have been employed in recent years as surfactants, template agents, and alkaline anion exchange membranes (AAEM) [3, 4].
Ecolectro's anion exchange membranes (AEM) enable the replacement of platinum catalysts with non-precious metal alternatives within electrolyzer and fuel cell membrane electrode assemblies.
Meng, "Synthesis and characterization of anion exchange membranes based on poly(arylene ether sulfone)s containing various cations functioned tetraphenyl methane moieties," International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, vol.