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a hard copal derived from an African tree

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any of various resins or oleoresins


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Inspired to search solutions to effect significant positive change- entrepreneurs Lucienne Gigante and Carlos Cobian have joined forces to launch Animus and its first summit this Friday, October 2, 2015, at the Caribe Hilton Hotel from 8 a.
Animus boasts partners including former Scotland Yard detective Keith Hunter, whose London office was visited by ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko shortly before he died of polonium poisoning in 2006.
Later charts list Buffy's enactment of the major feminine archetypes in these same arcs, showing who or what represents the associated Shadow and Animus figures for each archetype.
According to the report, the law lets people sue if they have been injured by a violent crime "due, at least in part, to an animus based on the victim's gender.
directed at community I'm repeatedly shocked by the animus directed at the gay community.
The court found unpersuasive the defendant's argument that a decision maker's "independent investigation (and rejection) of the employee's allegations of discriminatory animus," or the absence of such animus in the decision maker, absolves an employer of fault.
As an archetype, his positive animus leads Mary Greenfield "to the next stage of growth and development" by enabling her to "experience the underlying processes of her cultural and personal objective situation and [to] find her way to an intensified spiritual attitude toward life" (von Franz, qtd.
Central to that reasoned judgment is whether the comment, taken in context, shows animus toward a particular group of people.
In nova fert animus mutates dicere formas corpora" ("My mind is bent to tell of forms changed into new bodies").
O animus refere-se à masculinidade inconsciente no psiquismo da mulher que se manifesta como intelectualidade pouco diferenciada, opondo-se à essência da natureza feminina que visa, acima de tudo, ao relacionamento afetivo (Silveira, 2001, p.
After reading this book, one can begin to understand why Jimmy Carter's place in presidential history will be not be one of the "great peacemaker" in the Middle East, but rather of the president who holds the dubious distinction of bearing the most animus towards Israel and the Jewish people.
Evidence that Gaines harbored racial animus against (b)lack persons was relevant to demonstrate his motives for his actions, and to rebut evidence that he acted only in self defense,'' the ruling said.
She was certainly not motivated by any animus toward Christianity.
The low-budget filmmaker says that he set out to examine the animus that Canadians feel toward their biggest city because it seemed an obvious thing to do.