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the doctrine that all natural objects and the universe itself have souls

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By convention, I call these beings spirits (3) and their relationships to human beings animist.
However, in Descola's scheme also, animists can conceive of inanimate as well as animate things as living, and additionally as entities essentially similar to humans (2013:248), and in a similar vein, Viveiros de Castro (1998:472) has portrayed South American animism as entailing not only a 'perspectival' understanding of animals and plants as persons, or spiritualized subjective beings, but also a possible extension of this view to 'meteorological objects and artefacts'.
First, the majority of the inhabitants of the south are animists (65 percent) followed by Muslim (percent) and then Christians (17 percent) - even according to statistics published by the World Council of Churches in 1981.
She soon finds out that people came to Earth from a parallel world called the Kingdom of Animists.
Oh you lazy animists how did you let it come to this?
One particularly poignant example of such an encounter is the Hmong immigration to the United States, a people who have throughout their entire history been animists. The Hmong immigrated to the U.S.
Inhabitants of Darfur are primarily African Christians and animists, who have long complained of discrimination by the Sudanese government, which is dominated by Arabs and Muslims.
The Dinkas have always been a neglected people, fishermen along the Upper Nile, and they were Animists, not Muslim.
Animists perceive the spirit world to be one of balance, conflict, extraneous controlling forces and resolutions.
As many as 5 million Sudanese--including Muslims, animists and minority Christians--live as refugees in Egypt.
As long as it was white Muslims against black Animists or Christians, very few wanted to hear about it.
Though the media speaks of northern Muslims and southern animists, neither of these populations is in any way monolithic.
Animists (Traditionalists) are officially subsumed under the 'Buddhist' category; therefore no accurate number is available specifically for that group.
Such self-propagandizing is what revisionists call inculturation, a missionary technique which, in Fay's words, "consists not in imposing religious culture from without, but in animating the sense of God within..." You don't convert non-Catholics, argues Fay; you trade spiritualities with them, as, so he claims, did Jesuit missionaries with Huron animists in the early seventeenth century.