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the doctrine that all natural objects and the universe itself have souls

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But as animists, the Mentawai were officially classed as having no religion.
The new animists' use of anthropological writings raises at least two questions: how accurate are the anthropological accounts they draw on in translating the views and understandings of the people they are working with; and whether there is an unwitting collusion between the anthropologists and the new animists.
In fact, the influence of Christianity is greatest among this group; while rural populations are mainly animist.
As a result, the modern scholarship regarding animism has suffered from two main errors: errors in conceptual framework related to the use of modern language as the descriptive vehicle, and errors concerning the views of animists with regards to causality, when animism does not use Western, linear causality in its symbolic framework.
Since the end of British rule half a century ago, the southern region has been gripped by tensions - and often bloody fighting - between the Muslim and predominantly Arab people who live in the north and the black Christians and animists in the south.
Inhabitants of Darfur are primarily African Christians and animists, who have long complained of discrimination by the Sudanese government, which is dominated by Arabs and Muslims.
The Dinkas have always been a neglected people, fishermen along the Upper Nile, and they were Animists, not Muslim.
Animists perceive the spirit world to be one of balance, conflict, extraneous controlling forces and resolutions.
As many as 5 million Sudanese--including Muslims, animists and minority Christians--live as refugees in Egypt.
As long as it was white Muslims against black Animists or Christians, very few wanted to hear about it.
Sudanese Muslims are divided by affiliations with rival religious brotherhoods, while in the south black animists and a small number of Christians are even more divided.
Animists (Traditionalists) are officially subsumed under the 'Buddhist' category; therefore no accurate number is available specifically for that group.
You don't convert non-Catholics, argues Fay; you trade spiritualities with them, as, so he claims, did Jesuit missionaries with Huron animists in the early seventeenth century.
Sintet's population was divided almost equally between Muslims and animists, flanked by a handful of Christians.
There are long-standing ethnic enmities between the mainly Muslim Hausas and the southern Yorubas, who are Christians and animists.