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the doctrine that all natural objects and the universe itself have souls

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The convincing video installation communicates the documentary material in a poetic manner and shows that the animistic beliefs of the MEND members are no more metaphysical than the fervent speculation of the financial traders.
She traces a route from early animistic beliefs through Christianity to modern science, a trajectory that leaves people cut off from the idea of nature as alive and mythologically significant.
First, Candomble was appropriated as folklore, in a medical discourse which interpreted animistic beliefs as sign of racial inferiority.
Clearly, though, there is a potent sense of loss visible at times in Tylor's delineation of animistic beliefs that he claims now seem archaic, outmoded, and nonsensical.
Religion: indigenous beliefs, 35%; Protestant, 25%; Roman Catholic, 25%; Muslim, 15%; Note: animistic beliefs strongly influence Christian community
Most citizens also retain some vestiges of animistic beliefs and practices, which they have come to regard as more cultural than religious.
Like many other key Asian symbols, the white elephant's mystique has its beginnings in animistic beliefs that were subsequently adopted and adapted by proponents of new religions.
Within Thai Buddhism there is animistic beliefs and practices, as we commonly see the worship of spirit house, spirit of the land, spirit of the trees, etc.